The University of the District of Columbia has dismissed the leading scorer on its basketball team, Micheal Britt, because of alleged discrepancies involving the certificate that qualified him for admission.

Britt, a 6-foot-7 forward who averaged 22.7 points and 12.5 rebounds in 17 games, was admitted to UDC in August on the basis of a General Education Development certificate, Athletic Director Orby Moss said last night.

"The admissions office had a certificate that looked to be official," Moss said. "Our registrar said it looked as authorative as the other records.

"I was privy to a letter (D.C. public school officials) sent to the registrar (Jan. 24) that said the scores on the test he took were not acceptable for certification. I don't know where the certificate (in the UDC admission office) came from."

Britt is from Suffolk, Va., and took the high school equivalency test twice in the District UDC officials said. Moss said the basketball coach, Wil Jones, was informed that Britt passed the second time when Jones was speaking with the admissions office about another prospect.

School officials said Britt earned a 2.6 average the first semester, or about a c+, adding he is "completely faultless" in the certification matter. "Truthfully," a spokesman said, "this seems to be a very, very honest mistake, although it'll be hard for the public to believe because an athlete is involved. But he's a great kid."

Why would D.C. school officials instigate such an investigation?

"Perhaps because somebody recognized his name," a spokesman said, "and looked up the record."

Britt scored 52 points against South easterna nd played in 17 of the 19 UDC games. The school has a 12-7 record.

Is the certificate in the admission office a fake?

"I don't know what to say," Moss said. "As far as we were concerned, it was official. There was a raised seal and the director's signature on it, the man who supervised the test. All I can do is follow the policies of the universities."

UDC is awaiting a reply from the NCAA with regards to whether the school must forfeit any games or has broken any rules.

An NCAA investigator. David Berst, said UDC has not violated any rules unless athletic personnel were in volved in the irregularities. He added that no NCAA rules require forfeiture. That is up to the school involved.

"Yes, I'm familiar with the matter," Berst said. CAPTION:

Michael Britt leaves UDC as team's leading scorer. By Douglas Chevalier -- The Washington Post