Michael Britt, the University of the District of Columbia's leading basketball scorer who has been dismissed from school because of alleged discrepancies involving the certificate that qualified him for admission, said yesterday he plans to reenroll at UDC in the fall.

To do so, Britt said, he will have to make up 12th-grade high school courses in English and government. He said he had not decided yet whether to take them through the D.C. public school system or to return to his Suffolk, Va., home to make up the work.

"I want to do all I can for Coach (Wil) Jones." said Britt, a 6-foot-7 forward who left school with a 22.7-point basketball average and a 2.6 grade-point average for his first semester."He got me interested in going to school. When I was at Suffolk, I just wanted to mess around. I just wasn't into it (classes)."

Said Jones: "He's capable of doing everything that's here. That's my system to make 'em pass -- keep on their butts. All you have to do is push him, and he came up with a 2.6 He showed something."

Britt was admitted to UDC in August on the basis of a General Education Development certificate, according to Orby Moss UDC's athletic director.However, on Jan. 24, D.C. public school officials sent a letter to UDC's registrar saying the scores Britt took on the tests were not acceptable for admission.

Britt said he had taken the GED test twice in the District. Moss said Jones was informed by the UDC admissions office that Britt had passed the second time. School officials have said that Britt was "completely faultless."

A UDC spokesman said, "Truthfully, this seems to be a very, very honest mistake, although it'll be hard for the public to believe because an athlete is involved." An NCAA spokesman said the school had violated no NCAA rules unless athletic personnel were involved.

Meanwhile, Britt is trying to cope with not being able to attend classes at UDC or play basketball.

"I'm trying not to think about it, Britt said. "Coach Jones said not to let it get to my mind . . . I'm kind of glad it happened when it did than later along when I was a junior or a senior."