CAPTION: Picture 1, Elvin Hayes, Washington, Forward. Height 6-9, Weight 235, Age 34, College Houston '68, Points 21.6, Rebounds 10.8. The indestrucible Hayes has been in the All-Star Game every year he has been in the league. He can still run with the 25-year-olds, and his turnaround jumper in virtually impossible to defend.; Picture 2, Larry Bird, Boston, Forward. Height 6-9, Weight 220, Age 23, College Indiana St. '79, Points 19.3, Rebounds 10.2. Entering the league amid much fanfare, Bird has more than lived up to the advance publicity. He may be the best passing big man ever, and he scores and rebounds too.; Picture 3, George Gervin, San Antonio, Guard. Height 6-7, Weight 185, Age 27, College Eastern Michigan '72, Points 33.6, Rebounds 4.9. The Iceman shoots a phenomenal 54 percent from his guard spot and leads the league in scoring. His game, Gervin says, "is to put it in the hole."; Picture 4, Julius Erving, Philadelphia, Forward. Height 6-6, Weight 210, Age 29, College Massachusetts '72, Points 26.5, Rebounds 7.4. wThe Doctor is probably the most exciting player in the game when it comes to scoring, passing, dribbling, rebounding, shot-blocking, dunking and floor leadership. What else is there?; Picture 5, Bill Cartwright, New York, Center. Height 7-1, Weight 255, Age 22, College San Francisco '79, Points 23.1, Rebounds 9.4. Named to replace the injured veteran Dave Cowens, Cartwright became the game's third rookie. He is eighth in the NBA in scoring and field goal percentage.; Picture 6, Michael Richardson, New York, Guard. Height 6-5, Weight 190, Age 24, College Montana '78, Points 15.3, Rebounds 6.3. Richardson leads the NBA in assists and steals and plays a smooth floor game that reminds some of Walt Frazier. He can also play small forward.; Picture 7, John Drew, Atlanta, Forward. Height 6-6, Weight 205, Age 25, College Gardner-Webb '76, Points 20.4, Rebounds 5.9. If the Atlanta fans had not stuffed the ballot box, Drew might not have made the team. He is quick and hits the offensive boards, but he is occasionally lost on defense.; Picture 8, Moses Malone, Houston, Center. Height 6-10, Weight 235, Age 24, College Petersburg (Va.) H.S. Points 27.0, Rebounds 15.5. Malone has already established himself as the best offensive rebounder the game has ever seen. He is the only All-Star in the top five in scoring and rebounding.; Picture 9, Nate Archibald, Boston, Guard. Height 6-1, Weight 165, Age 31, College El-Paso '70, Points 14.3, Rebounds 2.7. Archibald has returned to the form that made him one of the league's premier guards before injuries almost sank him four seasons ago. He is second in the league in assists.; Picture 10, Dan Roundfield, Atlanta, Forward. Height 6-8, Weight 250, Age 26, College Central Michigan '75, Points 16.5, Rebounds 10.1. Roundfield is the only Hawk not starting in this game, but he may be the best All-Star from Atlanta. He is a solid defender, rebounder and shot-blocker and will dunk on anyone.; Picture 11, Eddie Johnson, Atlanta, Guard. Height 6-2, Weight 175, Age 24, College Auburn '77, Points 17.8, Rebounds 2.2. Johnson got here on the strength of heavy voting in Atlanta, and he may be a bit out of his league. But he can direct an offense and score from the outside.; Picture 12, Billy Cunningham, Philadelphia Coach, East All Stars. Age 36, College N. Carolina '65, Plaing Expierence 11 yrs., Coaching Experience 3 yrs., Coaching Record 100-58. Cunningham has been in the All Star Game four times as a 76er player. He and Wilkens head their squads by virtue of having the best conference records as of Jan. 30.