Adrian Dantley, Utah, Forward. Height 6-5, Weight 210, Age 23, College Notre Dame '77, Points 28.5, Rebounds 8.0. Dantley, who is retruning home for this contest, is on NBA anomaly: he is a small small forward who still manages to play a muscle game. The former De Matha star is third in the league in scoring.; Picture 2, Kareen Abdul-Jabbar, Los Angeles Center. Height 7-2, Weight 235, Age 32, College UCLA '69, Points 25.1, Rebounds 11.4. Abdul-Jabbar's performance has enthused those who consider him to be the greatest player the game has been. He is the only player to be among the leaders in four categories.; Picture 3, Dennis Johnson, Seattle, Guard. Height 6-4, Weight 185, Age 25, College Pepperdine '76, Points 18.1, Rebounds 5.2. Considered the finest guard in the game today, Johnson should be sitting alongside Oscar Robertson in the record books when his career is over.; Picture 4, Walter Davis, Phoenix, Forward. Height 6-6, Weight 198, Age 25, College N. Carolina '77, Points 21.4, Rebounds 3.8. If the All Star Game were a track meet, Davis would be running anchor in the sprint relay. This classic small forward should be almost unstoppable.; Picture 5, Jack Sikma, Seattle, Center. Height 6-11, Weight 230, Age 24, College Ill. Wesleyan '77, Points 15.0, Rebounds 11.1. One of the most fundamentally sound players in today's game, Sikma has been a key for Seattle -- when he became the Sonic center, they surged to the top.; Picture 6, Earvin Johnson, Los Angeles, Guard. Height 6-8, Weight 215, Age 20, College Michigan St. '81, Points 18.4, Rebounds 6.6. The first rookie to start on All-Star Game since Elvin Hayes 12 years ago, Johnson is the most exciting and charismatic player to enter the league in years.; Picture 7, Marques Johnson, Milwaukee, Forward. Height 6-7, Weight 218, Age 23, College UCLA '77, Points 23.2, Rebounds 7.5. How good is Marques Johnson? Julius Erving had an answer: "He reminds me of myself." Johnson likes to go to the basket and dunks with either hand.; Picture 8, Otis Birdsong, Kansas City, Guard. Height 6-4, Weight 197, Age 24, College Houston '77, Points 22.6, Rebounds 3.9. Birdsong's scoring is one reason the Kings are on top in the Midwest Division. Ball handling, passing and defending are not his fortes, but he is a super streak shooter.; Picture 9, Paul Westphall, Phoenix, Guard. Height 6-4, Weight 205, Age 29, College USC '72, Points 21.6, Rebounds 2.3. Come what may, Westphal will find a way to get off his shot. He was the league's best in NBA H-O-R-S-E and one-on-one competition.; Picture 10, Kermit Washington, Portland, Forward. Height 6-8, Weight 230, Age 28, College American '73, Points 13.4, Rebounds 10.8. Named to replace Kansas City's Scott Wedman, Washington brings rebounding and defense to the Western squad. The Coolidge High, American University grad should feel at home.; Picture 11, Lloyd Free San Diego, Guard. Height 6-3, Weight 185, Age 26, College Guilford '76, Points 31.4, Rebounds 3.7. Free's scoring -- second only to George Gervin -- has helped keep the San Diego Clippers afloat while Bill Walton heals. He can hang in the air longer than the Goodyear blimp.; Picture 12, Lenny Wilkens, Seattle, Coach, West All Stars. Age 36, College Providence '60, Playing Experience 11 years., Coaching Experience 8 yrs., Coaching Record 328-278. Wilkens is no stranger to the NBA All Star Game. He played in it nine times representing St. Louis, Seattle and Cleveland, and last year won it as a coach.