A needle and syringe were found near the stall of Mukaluk, the overnight favorite for yesterday's ninth race at Bowie, and the Maryland racing stewards scratched the 6-year-old gelding after the second race when it was determined that the syringe contained a barbiturate.

J. Fred Colwill, steward representing the state, said, "The groom for Mulkaluk found the needle and syringe. He reported it to trainer Donald E. Hayes and Hayes reported it to the stewards.

"We sent the paraphernalia to Dr. (Thomas) Lomangino (state chemist) and he notified us that the syringe had properties of a barbiturate. We then asked Hayes to have a blood sample taken by his vet, Dr. Robert Valance, and had that sent to Lomangino for testing as well as the urine. We'll get a more definitive analysis tomorrow."

Last month, Hayes was suspended for 10 days when his horse Gemani Flight was found positive for Procaine after finishing second in the fifth race on Jan. 15.

Hayes, who was not available for comment yesterday, said at the time the horse had been tampered with.

Colwill said yesterday, "I know what he said, but there is no proof of any tampering. We've got our security people looking into the matter."