The gag in Los Angles goes that the fans there won't be happy if the Oakland franchise is moved into the Coliseum, because the Raiders don't have a quarterback controversy on which they can take sides.

The Rams will demonstrate their superiority over the Pittsburgh Steelers in a television (ABC) replay on March 16 in the Superteams competition. Los Angles defensive back Nolan Cromwell, a former world-class hurdler at Kanas, was "most valuable" as the Rams won six of seven events in the competition in Hawaii between the two Super Bowl teams.

The Baltimore Orioles beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in the competition between the World Series teams before the Rams defeated the Orioles for the grand title. It was worth $14,300 to each of the 10 Rams, $4000 each to all the other competitors.

Vince Ferragamo of the Rams is in line for additional earnings; he has been contacted to appear on the Love Boat television program.

Charity begins at home: The Philadelphia Eagles have offered bonuses of between $1,000 and $1,500 to encourage their players to move to that city and live there in the off-season, "as birds of a feather flocking . . ."

General manager Frank (Bucko) Kilroy of the New England Patriots had a pat answer to a report that Sam Cunningham was being offered to Oakland and Los Angeles because he wanted to play on the West Coast.

Kilroy noted that the fullback's contract specifies five clubs to which he cannot be traded, among them Oakland because of Raider Jack Tatum, whose tackle injured Patriot Darryl Stingley, and Los Angeles because owner Carroll Rosenbloom once kept Cunningham out of the Rams' weight room because of insurance stipulations.

In addition to the Raiders-Los Angeles situation, commissioner Pete Rozelle will be questioned about the National Football League's duel team control attitude as it pertains to Edward Bennett Williams when Rozelle attends the opening of the Baltimore Colt's training complex on Tuesday.

The present answer is that there is no new development in the NFL's opposition to Williams' dual identity as chief operating officer of the Redskins and owner of the Baltimore Orioles.

At one level in the Redskins' organization an employe says that as far as he is involved, Williams, club president, is still "calling the shots," including some direct communications in the last several weeks. The same source says there has been no contact whatever with 86 percent stockholder Jack Kent Cooke.

On the other hand, Cooke has taken a personal interest in the social niceties at RFK Stadium, designating the Redskins' reception room the "Lombardi Suite." The original sign put there for George Preston Marshall, referring to the room as the "Office of The President," was regarded as "too stuffy" by Cooke.

He also saw to refurbishing the owners' box and to the selection of gourmet food and wines for halftime consumption in the reception room.