The Diplomats welcomed Wim Jansen to Washington soccer yesterday -- and declared the club's No. 2 scorer last year, Joe Horvath, "expendable."

To greet the media with Jansen, coming over from a 15-year career in a worshipful Holland, the club assembled the 5-foot-8, 160-pound veteran's old Netherlands World Cup sidekick Johan Cruyff; the young Spanish veteran of Belgian competition, Juan Jose ("one name, two words") Lozano and holdover Sonny Askew, Baltimore's own.

Cruyff, Lozano and Askew flew up from spring training in Jacksonville to pose with Jansen as a fabulous four midfield while Coach Gordon Bradley gave the press a chalk talk in the Dips' RFK Stadium locker room. Bradley showed how "Wim will fill up the center of the field (as a defensive sweeper) as the others move forward on attack.

"With Alan Green and another man at the striker positions," Bradley envisioned a high-scoring offense.

"Another man"? Probably Bobby Stokes -- "looking like his old self now" in Jacksonville, said Bradley -- and/or Ken Mokgojoa, being converted from midfield to the front rank.

So where will Horvath play? "Horvath," said Bradley, "now becomes expendable. He will probably be playing somewhere in the NASL, but not here."

Jansen, becoming the third new, high-paid Dip acquired in two weeks (following Lozano and Cruyff), was assigned jersey No. 12 -- matching his one-year contract with two years' options . . .