High jumper Dwight Stones, quarter-mile record-holder John Smith and their confreres who turned professional in the ill-fated International Track Association have won back their amateur status, worldwide.

Just in time (IOC willing) for the 1980 Olympics -- or the boycott thereof. But at least any alternative competitions now can include them in.

The International Amateur Athletic Federation reinstated the Americans disqualified the past several years for accepting prize money -- in Stones' case, for cavorting on TV "Superstars" rather than pro track -- at a meeting of the 162-nation organization's executive council in Paris.

The federation also reinstated five East European women who took steroids before meets -- Adrian Paulen of Holland, IAAF president, explaining the decision was "for humane reasons," so they don't miss the Moscow Olympics.

Former UCLA star Smith impressed the IAAF, Paulen said, with a plea that if doping offenders could be forgiven so could "those of us who have to make a living, to feed our faces and our families" . . .

NHL trading deadline arrived at noon yesterday. At 11:38, Don Murdoch of the New York Rangers was summoned to the office of boss Fred Shero and as he left the ice the young right wing said, "This could be it, boys." It was, Murdoch to the Edmonton Oilers for utility forward Cam Connor.

Not to be outdone, the N.Y. Islanders landed Butch Goring, all-time leading Los Angeles scorer; Kings get forward Billy Harris, an original Islander, and Dave Lewis.

Another Edmonton pickup: ex-Cap Ron Low from Quebec.

Another sticky wicket for the lords of international amateurism: Nick Akers, a British-born distance runner living in Edmonton, Canada, announced yesterday he has changed his name to Nick Vladivar and is being sponsored by the Vladivar vodka company of Warrington, England, to compete in the Moscow Olympics for the Cayman Islands.

John Wood, coach of Spingarn's city champion, area's top-ranked basketball team, and Nick Robertson of McMinnville (Ore.) High have been named to direct, respectively the Captial all-stars and U.S. squad of standout seniors in the Capital Classic at Cap Centre March 27. Spingarn is 140-60 in eight years under Wood; Roberston was 151-60 at last count . . .

Muhammad Ali, training in Miami Beach, says he will willingly fight a "warmup" flight, if need be, to get another heavyweight championship shot. "I hear," he said, "they want me to fight Scott LeDoux. Why not? If they pay me $3 million to fight Scott LeDoux, why not?"