Tonight's the big one.

The Maryland-Georgetown game is the biggest thing to hit Washington since right on red. The biggest thing to hit Washington is taking place in Philadelphia, but no matter. This one is big. So big Andy Warhol is making a 14-hour, slow motion, silent movie of this game and calling it "Big."

Picking a winner in the big one seems impossible. Las Vegas is handing out 10-foot poles with which not to touch this game. However, with the promise of a gold-plated pendant bearing the final box score of the game as a prize to the best pick, several well-known figures have offered their choices:

Restaurateur Duke Zeibert: Maryland, 76-65. "I think it's going to be a big win for Lefty (Driesell). This is the year for Maryland. Lefty's been frustrated long enough."

De Matha High School Coach Morgan Wootten: Maryland, 84-79. "Lord, Lord, Lord. It's a dream matchup but I'll go with the intangibles. It's hard to beat a good team twice in one season."

NBC color commentator Al McGuire: "You called me on the only game I can't go out on the limb on. I pick every one but, in Las Vegas terms, this one is a push. It's one of those alley-fight games. A subway series. It's like a tight election -- you can't call it, you have to wait for the outer counties to come in with the last few votes. Who loses players foulwise is the key. Albert King is the best junior in the country. He makes moves that make me say, 'Did he do that?" (Eric) Floyd on Georgetown" is also outstanding. But I can't make any kind of educated pick . . . nobody really can."

Sue Simmons, former WRC-TV anchorwoman now with WNBC in New York: Georgetown, 76-72. "I think they have a great shot. I'd love to see 'em take it. Actually, Albert King is kind of tough but . . . Georgetown."

WMAL radio talk show host Ken Beatrice: "If it's a tightly refereed game, Maryland, 77-73. If they call it loose, Georgetown by the same score. g

Spectacular Bid, winner of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness: "Maryland, 78-76. Lefty Driesell said Buck Williams is a horse so I have to go with Maryland."

Former Redskin Coach George Allen: "Maryland 65-61. Lefty is my close friend. I think he's done a great job and I don't think he's appreciated enough. I realize how fast Georgetown has improved, so it should be a great game."

Ken Howard (The White Shadow): Georgetown, 63-61. "Maybe Georgetown. Yeah, Georgetown. What kills those ACC teams is that tournament. They peak for the tournament and it's hard to keep that up for the NCAAs. It doesn't matter, anyhow. A Big 10 team will win it all . . . and the next year they'll be on probation for recruiting violations."

Maryland Gov. Harry Hughes: Maryland, 93-87. "Georgetown will be outgunned. King didn't play a full game last time against Georgetown and Buck Williams didn't play at all."

D.C. Mayor Marion Barry: Would not offer a pick, but did send Georgetown Coach John Thompson a letter of encouragement.

Washington Bullet General Manager Bob Ferry: "I work with both schools so I can't make a solid choice. I would think Maryland would be favored because of Albert King. In a close game he can always get the shot he wants."