The Washington Redskins made their first trade of the year yesterday and General Manager Bobby Beathard was candid about its conditional nature.

The Redskins gave up late-round choices in the 1981 draft to Tampa Bay for 6-foot-5, 280-pound offensive tackle Darryl Carlton and wide receiver Morris Owens. If the Redskins are not satisfied with them the deal will be cancelled.

"We felt that Carlton has the ability to play -- he could help a lot of teams -- but he has to convince us he wants to work hard in our offseason program," Beathard said on the telephone from Palm Springs, Calif., where the National Football League is meeting.

"I drafted him on the first round when I was with the Miami Dolphins.We traded him two years later to Tampa Bay. He was not a model player, but he has the potential if he is willing to make the sacrifices every player is asked to make by (Coach) Jack Pardee.

"It is very cut and dried, and that is exactly what we'll tell him. In the past, he hasn't worked hard in the off-season. Maybe he needs a change of teams.

"We (the Dolphins) also drafted Owens when I was at Miami. He's a terrific kid who worked hard. But he will be just here (in Washington) to compete for a job.

"We have nothing to hide," Beathard said of his frankness about the status of Carlton and Owens.

Beathard said the Redskins are talking to a lot of teams about trades, "but nothing is warm."

Owens, 27, was an original Buccaneer, having been waived by the Dolphins after sitting out his rookie year, 1975, on injured reserve. He was a fifth-round draft choice from Arizona State. He led Tampa Bay in pass receiving for his first three seasons there, but had only 20 catches in 1979, for 377 yards.

Beathard recalled that offensive tackle Carlton's first season at Miami was hampered by injuries incurred in a serious automobile accident.

The Tampa University product was traded to the Buccaneers after two seasons with Miami. He started for Tampa Bay most of the 1977 and 1978 seasons. He underwent knee surgery in 1979 and Charlie Hannah started most of the games before being hurt himself.

Carlton, also 27, started the last two games of the regular season and the Buccaneers' first playoff game, against Philadelphia. He has played in 71 regular season games and started in 36, nine of those with Miami.