Roger Staubach will announce Monday his decision either to retire from football or to play another season. But is that any reason for Cowboy President Tex Schramm to take a snippy swipe at two Washington football institutions?

"When Roger runs on the field to warm up, this is a young man," Schramm said the other day. "He's not a Sonny Jurgensen or Billy Kilmer toddling out there."

Are you listening, institutions?

"Hell, that doesn't bother me," Kilmer said over the telephone from his home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "That just says Roger runs better than me. He probably does. I've run like that all my life."

"I think he (Schramm) is probably right," Jurgensen said from his home in Mount Vernon. "Let's face it, Roger didn't have all the injuries we did. Hell, I had nine operations; how many did he have?"

What Staubach has had are concusions -- five of them at last count, including one blow last year that left his legs momentarily paralyzed. The Cowboy quarterback has undergone a series of brain tests recently given by specialists in New York City and Dallas. He joked recently that all they proved was that he was capable of calling his own plays.

So Staubach will tell all on Monday, and Coach Tom Landry and most of his teammates believe the quaterback will stop playing at age 38.

"You don't call a press conference to annonce you're going to continue to play," Schramm said. "I still have hopes he'll consider playing another year."

Both Jurgensen and Kilmer -- heavens to George Allen -- say they consider Staubach a friend, but neither man could offer much advice.

"He's in excellent condition. He always took care of himself," said Jurgensen, who did not have to say that No. 9 did not. "He was always able to bounce back, and you have to give him credit for that. For the sake of pro football, I hope he comes back. Dallas needs him, and he seems to be getting better with age."

"If he's had some bad head injuries and it's affecting him, I don't think he should play," Kilmer said. "He's got his family to think about. If he feels he could be seriously injured, he should quit. But physically, he looks like he still has it."