Lam Jones of the University of Texas visited the Redskins complex last week, two sources have told The Washington Post.

He had a physical examination while here. Jones is one of the highest-rated wide receivers on the lists of National Football League scouts. The Redskins have a pick in the first round of the April 29-30 NFL draft.

With Roger Staubach reportedly ready to announce his retirement from the Dallas Cowboys Monday, Joe Theismann figures to become the preeminent quarterback in the Eastern Division of the National Conference.

Al LoCasale of the Oakland Raiders says their $160 million antitrust suit against the NFL is based in part on the difference between the offer they received from the Oakland Coliseum and the deal they signed at Los Angeles, projected over 10 years, plus anticipated revenues from cable television and the appreciation of the franchise over that span.

Treble damages frequently are assessed against defendants who lose antitrust suits.

The fact that the Chicago Bears were top winners over the second half of the season (7-1), was no blessing for former Maryland quarterback Bob Avellini.

They say they will go to training camp "with no questions, doubts, or controversies" surrounding their quarterbacking. Mike Phipps settled that by taking command last October (and taking them into the playoffs). With Phipps, the Bears were 12-2 over the two seasons and 9-1 last year.

In Minnesota they need it. The Vikings hope to break ground soon on a new practice facility in suburban Eden Prairie that would include part of a playing field with an inflatable bubble cover for inclement weather.

The littlest Steeler of them all -- Rocky Bleier -- will be the subject of a made-for-television movie entitled "Fighting Back," based on his military career in Vietnam and his accomplishments at Notre Dame and with the Steelers.

Ken Stabler reportedly was offered to the Denver Broncos for a No. 1 draft choice and No. 2 before the Broncos dealt for Matt Robinson of the New York Jets. So the Raiders swapped Stabler to Houston for Dan Pastorini.

The Raiders would have to share any revenue from cable television with other teams, according to the bylaws.

The bylaws state that: "All regular season television income will be divided equally regardless of the source of such income, except that member clubs by unanimous agreement provide otherwise in a specific television contract." That includes preseason network games, too.