Dutch superstar Johan Cruyff and his Washington Diplomat teammates didn't like the size of the field. They didn't like their opponents' style of play. They didn't like their locker room facilities.

And, especially, they did not like losing their second straight game, 2-1, to the Tulsa Roughnecks tonight before 2,138 at Skelly Stadium.

"There's no way possible to play soccer on this field," Cruyff said of the 60-yard-wide, Astro-Turf field. "It changes the entire game."

"Playing on this field is like playing on the moon," said midfielder Sonny Askew. "Tulsa plays with no smarts.They just want to hurt people. And that's very bad soccer."

But the Roughnecks, called for 22 fouls to the Dips' 20, played well enough to win their second straight game and beat Washington for the first time in regular-season play.

They won when Alan Woodward, player and assistant coach, hit a 24-yard shot with 9:08 remaining to break a 1-1 tie.

The score came after Dip defender Tom O'Hara was called for fouling forward Tommy Ord just outside the penalty area. Tulsa defender Barry Wallace took the indirect free kick and passed to Woodward, whose shot got under the Dips' wall, by goalie Bill Irwin and went into the left corner of the net.

"That wasn't a foul," said O'Hara. "As the guy I recently fouled -- Tommy Ord. I just turned around and watched the ball, which was headed for Bill Irwin, and Tommy ran into me. How could that be a foul on me?

But Dip Coach Gordon Bradley didn't think the controversial call was a good excuse for Woodward scoring.

"I told the players at halftime that the game was going to be decided by one goal," Bradley said. "I told them that if Tulsa scored it would be because of a mistake of a set play.

"We made a mistake by letting the ball get under our wall, and they won the game."

The goal came just three minutes after Cruyff left the game because of a foot injury. He was replaced by Sakib Viteskic.

Still, Cruyff never seemed to be in the game and was well-marked by Roughneck midfielder Iraj Danaifard, who shadowed him every step of the way -- until Danaifard had to leave the game with 20:45 gone in the second half after being fuled by Cruyff, who was given a yellow card on the play.

"Cruyff's leaving the game wasn't why we lost," O'Hara said. "He was having an offday anyway. Danifard played him rough and was kicking him all over the place. Johan was not getting into the game."

Before Woodward's score, the Dips seemed to be in control after failling behind, 1-0, when Tulsa defender Jo Edvaldsson took a centering pass from Danifard and scored from eight yards with 24:53 played.

Washington tied with 5:05 left in the first half, defender Carmine Marcantonio taking Bobby Stokes' corner kick and heading in the ball from eight yards.

The Dips outshot Tulsa, 7-4, and dominated play the first half. They didn't have nearly as many scoring chances in the second half, when they were held to three shots.

The Dips thought their offensive output was down because of the field, the loss of four injured players and the Roughnecks style of play.

The Roughnecks thought that was all hogwash.

"What else do a bunch of losers say?" Tulsa defender Kevin Eagan asked. "They just can't play."