When the Redskins traded last month for Darryl Carlton of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, General Manager Bobby Beathard was candid about the deal being conditional, but not specific about why.

In light of the 6-foot-5 offensive tackle's difficulty in Tampa early yesterday, Beathard probably had in mind something like Carlton's offseason performance in 1977.

Carlton was found yesterday in a parking lot bleeding from a cut on the forehead that required 10 to 15 stitches to close and told police that six men jumped him, beat him with a chair and fled.

Tampa police said yesterday that Carlton said he didn't want to talk about the incident beyond declaring he was jumped and beaten. The police said Carlton was accused three days ago by a Tampa man of punching him in the eye, in a bar. The man said he was with three women, Carlton got in an argument with one of them and the man intervened, reportedly when Carlton began throwing dimes at the woman.

Tampa police said that in the last five years Carlton twice has been charged with driving while under the influence of intoxicants and driving without a valid driver's license. The latest was Sept. 26. Previously he was arrested by Miami police for possession of marijuana and was ordered by a judge to fulfill some social responsibilities as punishment.

In 1977, police in Miami charged him with drunken driving, after, they said, he had an altercation with a security guard at a lounge, tore off a door, put his fist through a window, fled through a red light in his car and slammed into another car.

In that incident, he suffered burns on his left leg, but refused treatment at first at a hospital, where he was reported as "violent and threatening."

Sports writers in Tampa described Carlton as "very likable," and one quoted him yesterday as saying about previous scrapes with the police, "I never said I was Mr. America."

After he was traded to the Redskins, they complained to Coach John McKay of the Buccaneers that he could not locate him, and McKay replied, "If I knew how to get hold of him I wouldn't have traded him." Carlton did not pick up his playoff game check for a week.

McKay told a Tampa Bay news confernece, "Darryl defied the old belief that 'everybody has to be someplace'".