Yale President A. Bartlett Giamatti said tonight that Ivy League sports are becoming too big league and that he has proposed banning off-campus recruitment of athletes and an end to Ivy participation in postseason competition.

Giamatti told 500 at a Yale alumni dinner that the eight Ivy League members have drifted away from their 1954 agreement on athletics.

The retirement of athletes as a special group should be halted, Giamatti advised, and all recruiting by coaches should be restricted to on-campus conversations and visits. Otherwise, coaching becomes "hustling in the hustings," Giamatti said.

Giamatti, a sports fan who, when named Yale's president professed that he had wanted to be president of baseball's American League, said Ivy League football has been regulated well. "I cannot, however, express the same confidence with regard to hockey and basketball," he said. In those sports, the schedules have grown too long and Ivy colleges play schedules that go far beyond the Ivy group.

Giamatti said he made his proposals to other Ivy presidents in December and his ideas received a cordial reception. He hopes they will be acted upon by the end of this year. The other Ivy institutions are Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania and Princeton.