Apprentice jockey, Tim Fell was suspended today by the Maryland racing stewards for the remainder of the Pimlico meeting, for alleged use of cocaine.

"Jockey Fell is a danger to both himself and other jockeys," according to a statement released by the stewards. Steward J. Fred Colwill said Fell, 19, had admitted using cocaine.

"He's at the crossroads of his career and I hope people won't be too hard on the kid," Colwill said. "If he was an older rider, we'd probably crack down harder. But since he's a young man and has shown promise, we want to give him a chance to rehabilitate himself."

Robert Judd, a detective in the narcotics division of the Baltimore Police Department, said his office was not involved in the case, and that no investigation is planned.

Fell was found unconscious in the Pimlico jockey's quarters April 3, the stewards said. He was taken to the hospital and released after several hours. He was given a hearing by the stewards, Friday.

Fell, who had ridden 14 winners at the recently concluded Bowie meeting and one winner at Pimlico, was suspended under Maryland racing rules dealing with "actions detrimental to racing."