The losers are winners today if they make the right decisions in the National football League draft of college players.

The Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers, who had the worst records last season (2-14) will have the first two choices.

The Lions are still expected to pick all-America running back Billy Sims of Oklahoma since they had made no trade yesterday of their No. 1 selection in the draft. The 49ers, picking second, are expected to take quarterback Marc Wilson of Brigham Young.

Then will begin the guessing as to which teams will choose such as running back Charles White, Heisman Trophy winner from Southern California; teammate and offensive tackle Anthony Munoz; wide receiver Johnny (Lam) Jones of Texas; guard Brad Budde of Southern California, and tight end Junior Miller of Nebraska.

The return of Dallas Cowboy defensive end Ed (Too Tall) Jones to football from professional boxing and the expressed wish of veteran wide receiver Roger Carr of the Baltimore Colts to be traded may alter the drafting plans of some teams.

Carr, 27-year-old six-season pass catcher, has been offered to the Redskins, who regarded the asking price of the Colts as too high.

Jones, 29 after quitting the Cowboys last season to box as a heavyweight, is a five-season veteran who contends he is now a free agent, eligible to shop his services to other clubs.

Teams seeking wide receivers and defensive ends probably will put the names of Carr and Jones on their back burners in case they are not satisfied with their drafts.

However, the Cowboys, who gave up their No. 1 draft choice last season for defensive end John Dutton of the Colts, probably will spend an extreme effort to get back Jones.

The Colts anticipate landing one of the three big names they seek -- offensive tackle Munoz, wide receiver Jones, or running back Curtis Dickey of Texas A&M. The Colts pick fifth in the first round.

Cincinati selects third and Green Bay fourth.

In the manner of the former Redskin coach, George Allen, the Denver Broncos are saying they already have their No. 1 pick, quarterback Matt Robinson, obtained in a trade for that selection, from the New York Jets.

The Houston Oilers dealt their No. 1 pick last season to New England for offensive tackle Leon Gray, and the San Diego Chargers traded their No. 1 choice to Green Bay for defensive back Willie Buchanon.

The Colts, Packers, Patriots and Jets thus have two first-round selections this year. The Rams have the most choices, 16 for the 12 rounds.