Who "won" the National Football League draft? The American Conference, by acclamation, judging from the disposition of the better-known players.

The NFC came away with the best running back, Billy Sims of Oklahoma, because the Detroit Lions managed to lose 14 of 16 games and won a coin toss for the first pick in the draft from the San Francisco 49ers, who also lost 14.

The AFC made off with the top quarterbacks, most of the high-rated running backs and a majority of the bigger names.

Of the quarterbacks, Oakland got Marc Wilson, Brigham Young; Pittsburg took Mark Malone, Arizona State, and Cleveland took Paul McDonald, Southern California.

The Browns chose Charles White of the Trojans, the running back who won the Heisman Trophy; Curtis Dickey of Texas A & M went to Baltimore; Vegas Ferguson of Notre Dame to New England; James Hadnot of Texas Tech to Kansas City, and Joe Cribbs of Auburn to Buffalo.

Wide receivers Johnny (Lam) Jones of Texas and Ralph Clayton of Michigan went to the New York Jets.

Of the better-publicized linemen, offensive tackle Anthony Munoz, Southern California, was taken by Cincinnati; teammate and guard Brad Budde by Kansas City, and offensive tackle Tim Foley, Notre Dame, by Baltimore.

In the NFC, tight end Junior Miller, Nebraska, went to Atlanta; wide receiver Art Monk, Syracuse, to the Redskins; Running back Perry Harrington, Jackson State, to Philadelphia; runner I.M. Hipp, Nebraska, to Atlanta; back Earl Copper, Rice, to San Francisco; tight end Doug Marsh, Michigan, to St. Louis, and defensive end James Stuckey, Clemson, to San Francisco.