Carolina League President James Mills said yesterday there is no validity to a complaint by the Rocky Mount Pines that Alexandria Dukes Manager Mike Toomey played illegally when he appeared at first base in Saturday night's game in Rocky Mount.

"Aw, forget it," Mills said of the grievance filed by Mal Fichman, the Pines' owner and manager. "Eugene Thomas (the Dukes' president) changed his (Toomey's) status to player-manager last week. Don't worry about Fichman's complaint."

"We had a tough situation," said Toomey. "We had only nine players. They (Baltimore) pulled my first baseman (Don Bowman, sent to Miami) and then Carolos Ortiz pulled a hamstring.

"There was no way I was going to put an organization pitcher onto the field and have him get hurt and then have to answer to the Orioles or Yankees. I have no desire to play . . . but I foresaw this problem. I just want to run the club."

Ortiz returned to action yesterday, allowing Toomey to return to the dugout. He was hitless in his one at-bat.

Fichman also had complained that copies of Toomey's contract and those possibly of other Dukes had not been received by the league office by the May 1 deadline.

"I'm not concerned about that either," Mills said. "I'll have the transmittal (on Toomey's contract) by Tuesday."