A little patience to talk about big winners of the past who are between engagements.

Ted Marchibroda, who will be collecting from the Baltimore Colts for three years, says, "It's not the end of the world; I feel I'll be back. We were the first team in the NFL to go from last place to first place in one year; they can't take that away from me. I was beating the odds anyhow with three division titles in my first three seasons. I'm playing tennis with my wife and working around the house."

Joe Thomas lost out in a bitter power struggle with Marchibroda at Baltimore. Thomas received financial settlements from the Colts and San Francisco. Once acclaimed as a personnel genius, he was an "expert" commentator on a cable telecast of the draft.

"Every place I've been, we won, if I had enough time," he says. "I'd like to get into sports broadcasting. I hear George Allen is out at CBS (which the network denies). I take my daughter to school and I help my wife run the house."

Allen, who has never had a losing season, is cultivating strawberries, but his son Bruce, who is coaching the Southern California Thunderbolts, still is hopeful of getting Bill Kilmer to coach his quarter backs. He is also "90 percent sure" Duane Thomas will play for him next season.

Kilmer, who never had a losing season in seven as a starter for the Redskins, is racing horses. He was among 22 former NFL quarterbacks invited to play golf in Hawaii recently. He, Bobby Lane, Norm Snead and Sonny Jurgensen were no threats to the supply of diet soda (Fresca) Otto Graham favord. Kilmer needed that $280,000 Redskin salary to buy hay.

Roger Staubach will have a chance to second-guess the Redskins on CBS game telecasts in addition to Allen and Jurgensen. Asked about zeroing in in former critic Diron Talbert's performances, Staubach, jested, "He'd better be playing well."

It was mentioned that Staubach now will have his longtime wish to predict coach Tom Landry's plays. "I will have an enjoyable time trying to guess what he'll call," the former quarterback said. But he also will have to comment on his successor, Danny White. "That's a disadvantage of doing Cowboys' games," Staubach said, "But I can't be praising them all the time; I'll have to take positions."

Former Redskin Jerry Smith is building Sugar Ray Leonard's new home.

A visitor to Jon Jaqua's ranch in Oregon reports the onetime reckless Redskin special team member is still suffering from a groin injury and can't run or ride his horses. He does operate his tractor.

Larry Csonka, who will be 34 on Christmas, is reported to be $50,000 from a new contract with the Miami Dolphins for his 13th season, and they drafted no backs.

Billy Sims, who will turn 26 in the upcoming season, is regarded as too old to go to the Canadian Football League and then come back to the Detroit Lions, who picked him No. 1 in the NFL draft.

Tom Cousineau, who passed up Buffalo to play in Montreal, is said to want to return to the Bills because the promise of endorsements in Canada did not materalize.