The Redskins completed the third and final day of their offseason minicamp yesterday, and Coach Jack Pardee said he was pleased with "the way these guys look. We had spirited drills, and their condition looks really good."

Pardee indicated he was satisfied with his stable of running backs, and that it may not be necessary to make a trade for a tailback.

"Every time Buddy Hardeman and Clarence Harmon go out on the field they look better," Pardee said. "Benny Malone looks like he can contribute, and John Riggins was in real good shape.

"We've got to get all those guys on the field during the season. They'll all play. We'll be all right there."

Pardee said free-agent fullback Ronnie Harkless, a 240-pound rookie from Nicholls State, "looks like he might be a factor in training camp.

"I'm very happy with the defensive backfield, too. We've got three corners who can start, and three safeties, too. That's how you win football games.

"(Wide receiver) Art Monk was everything we hoped for (as No. 1 draft choice), and Morris Owens (a receiver obtained in a trade from Tampa) is going to help us, too. Our receivers will be much improved."