It's that deplorable time of yer again when many baseball enthusiasts in this metropolitan area must make do with distant bats and balls, searching for a team on which to bestow loyalty, hopefully temporarily.

In the early years following the dastardly deed that whisked the Senators to Texas, this was a time of year for much hand-wringing and a few solemn pronouncements by baseball's High Commissioner ("Washington has an excellent chance of acquiring a major league franchise.")

But now that time has apparently confirmed Washington's bush-league status, a new trend has emerged, nurtured by The Post, among other misguided news media experts. We are being asked to rally 'round "our" Baltimore Orioles." After all, an eminent Washingtonian now controls the team; they are just a stone's throw up the parkway; and articulate writers like Thomas Boswell should not be limited to writing about the likes of the Alexandria Dukes. Furthermore, if we, the starving fans, generate enough enthusiasm, we may get the Orioles to play a few games here. Imagine that, right here in the Nation's Capital!

Well sir, at least one fan is not having any. Baltimore is really light years away from Washington. It is not regarded as being "major league" by very many people beyond Calvert County. And I basically dislike the Orioles (not to mention the Colts) anyway. B.A. ROGERS Alexandria, Va.