Yesterday I read Thomas Boswell's morbid article about the "future" plight and current "delusion" the Toronto Blue Jays must suffer.

I am not a Blue Jay fan; in fact, I am a long-standing glad-to-be-one St. Louis Cardinal fan. I "suffer" this delusion every year with the teams I cheer for -- The White Sox, The Chicago Bears and even my alma mater, Purdue. "We" seldom win it all and oftentimes don't even get close, but ah, the fun and excitement from that expectation/ hope of the almost impossible. But, as Boswell says, it never happens. How embittered the Senators must have made him while I was enjoying the delusion of watching the White Sox lead early and win with no-names only to crumble, or the Bears, who had no chance of making the playoffs on the last Sunday of the season (wasn't it glorious watching the Cowboy comeback against the Redskins?), or seeing Purdue fall to third in the closing weeks of the Big Ten basketball race -- hoping they would still get a bid to the NCAA or even, miracle of miracles, make it to the final four. But no, it can't happen -- why have hope -- it is only a stupid folly and very, very cruel. JAMES EVERITT Great Falls, Va.