Buddy Beardmore, Maryland lacrosse coach who led the Terrapins to two national championships, announced his resignation yesterday, citing a desire to pursue business interests.The resignation is effective June 1.

After NCAA titles in 1973 and 1975 and winning 107 of 139 games under Beardmore, the Terps finished 5-5 this year and failed to qualify for the national tournament for the first time. Beardmore denied that had anything to do with his decision.

"After 28 years of playing and coaching lacrosse," he said, "I just felt it was time to pursue other business opportunities and spend more time with my family. Some opportunities have come my way and the timing is right."

Beardmore declined to identify the other opportunities.

Freshman standout Jin Wilkerson reached last night, said, "I had heard rumors that he might quit but I'm very surprised. I never took the rumors seriously. I went to see him last Monday and we sat down and discussed plans for next season."

Beardmore said he had been "thinking about this for one or two years now. I can't pinpoint when I made my decision. I guess the decision was made when I handed in my resignation."

Sources close to the team said there was mounting alumni pressure on Beardmore because of the poor season, but Beardmore said, "There wasn't any pressure that I know of. No one approached me. We had a disappointing season but I don't think that expedited my decision.

"It made it a little harder to resign after the disappointing season. I'd have liked to have left on top, but not everyone gets that opportunity."

Beardmore said he gave his resignation to Acting Athletic Director James Kehoe, who asked him why he was resigning. "I told him my reasons and he accepted my resignation," Beardmore said.

Beardmore began coaching the Terps in 1970 and was the only coach to have a squad in the NCAA semifinals each of the first nine years of the tournament. But, Beardmore said, 10 years of coaching was enough.

"I believe what Al McGuire (former Marquette basketball coach) said: 'Everyone's destined for two careers,' and I'm ready for my second. It's just time to make a change."