Robert F. Kennedy Stadium will have "Washington's most unique private club" in 1981 for fans who want to watch Redskin and Diplomat games while wining and dining.

It will be constructed in the upper-level baseball press box and cost $5,000 per person for a permanent membership, according to literature mailed to prospective customers.

Season ticket-holders of the Redskins, Diplomats, or both, and nonseason ticket holders will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. They will be limited to about 300 and another 250 memberships will become available if Washington obtains a baseball team, Bob Sigholtz, general manager of the D.C. Armory/Starplex, said.

The money from memberships will be used for construction.

There will be annual dues, the amount to be determined by the members. None of the money will go to the Redskins or Diplomats. Sigholtz said the project is part of a modernization plan for the stadium. Suites are planned in the mezzanine later.

Despite the beginning of a recession, Sigholtz said the D.C. Armory Board has had "four or five" telephone inquiries in response to the letters. All were positive, he said.

The letters were sent out over the signature of H. King Carter, president of the RFK Stadium Club, Inc.

Sigholtz said Carter is a businessman from St. Louis who constructs restaurants and similar clubs, and has installed stadium clubs at Pittsburgh, Kansas City and St. Louis. The clubs later were bought out by the stadiums.

A membership pledge card requests that a $500 deposit check be made payable to "D.C. Armory Board, Escrow Account."

The $4,500 balance due will be billed later. Annual dues will cover operating expenses.

Memberships are not transferable, but any membership will, at the holder's request, be repurchased at $150 below the original cost if there is a prospective new member available to purchase at the full $5,000 issue price.

Sigholtz said that in the event of an insufficient number of pledges are received, all deposits will be returned in full.