I am an advocate of black colleges getting more attention on the sports pages. I know that the major media have ignored black college sports.

The latest allegations against Howard's football program have an ironic twist. It seems that the only time Howard makes the front page of the sports section is when they are accused of violating NCAA regulations.

During the season, Howard's football team rearely made Page One. Bowie State and UDC have never made the Post's front sports pages, except when they are accused of wrongdoings.

Black colleges deserve more than a two-inch column on page six of the sports page. Black colleges have produced great sports heroes of America. Walter Payton, Robert Brazille, Ken Houston, Leroy Kelly, and Bob Dandridge are products of black colleges.

Ken Denlinger's comments about Earl Jones (the nation's premier high school basketball player) and the posibility of him going to UDC is an insult to black colleges across the nation.

He implied that the basketball played at black colleges is inferior. Having gone to a black college for two years, I know that this isn't true. Black college basketball suffers from a lack of publicity from the major news media.

Alcorn State made the NCAA basketball tournament, and they play black schools most of the time. Clarence (Big House) Gaines is the winningest coach in NCAA basketball history, and he never gets the quality players that Maryland and Georgetown have obtained.

I know that the Post has an obligation to print the Howard story. But they also have an obligation to print stories about the high quality sports played at black colleges.

I wish they would live up to that obligation.