A Carter administration official told sports editors yesterday the boycott of the Olympic Games in Moscow this summer is a success even though many of the European nations will attend.

Joseph Onek, deputy White House counsel, told The Associated Press Sports Editors convention that 60 nations will boycott the Games in July to protest the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan.

"The Soviet Union cannot hide the condemnation of its actions," said Onek, who has led the administration fight for a boycott since President Carter called for one in January.

Onek said four countries that are not sending teams to Moscow are major concerns to the Soviets -- the United States, China, West Germany and Japan.

Anita DeFrantz, a member of the Olympic rowing team who participated in the 1976 Games in Montreal, told the editors she did not think the boycott was a success.

"I think the boycott has failed," said DeFrantz, a member of the USOC Athletes Advisory Committee which unsuccessfully sued the U.S. Olympic Committee in an attempt to allow the athletes to participate in this summer's games.

F. Don Miller, USOC executive director, said 223 press credentials were requested by Americans before Carter called for the boycott, but only 114 now have been asked for. He also said there were reservations for 10,700 Americans who wanted to travel to Moscow for the Games, but since Carter's call there have been only 1,000 reconfirmations of reservations. Another 1,500 reservations are not confirmed.

Miller said the USOC believes that 82 teams will participate in the Games, representing some 5,000 to 5,500 athletes. In Montreal, he said, there were 88 teams, with some 6,200 athletes, although the number of eligible teams has risen from 132 to 145 in the past four years.

New Zealand's Olympic team dwindled to eight members yesterday from an original 96 and the government's top sports officials said it was almost certain no Kiwis would take part in the 1980 Moscow Games.

The fencing and judo teams late yesterday joined the rowers, track and field competitors and cyclists who wihdrew from the national team earlier in the day.

Officials of the Washington Star International Tennis Championships are hoping to land Jimmy Connors for their tournament July 19-27 at Rock Creek Tennis Stadium. There is no chance of getting everyone's No. 1, Bjorn Borg, who will be getting married to Marianna Simionescu that week, or John McEnroe and Vitas Gerulaitis, who will be attending the Borg wedding.