A six-man committee appointed at the National Football League meeting in March to inquire into the policy against cross-ownership in sports teams interviewed Edward Bennett Williams and Jack Kent Cooke of the Redskins here last week.

It was the day before the league's other chief executives began meeting in Atlanta. The committee told the rest of the NFL that there had not been time enough to compile a report and make a recommendation, which would be postponed until the next NFL meeting in October. Williams and Cooke did not attend the sessions in Atlanta.

Williams has retained his title of president of the Reskins, is a minority stockholder and owns the Baltimore Orioles.

Cooke owns 86 percent of Redskins' stock and has the title of vice president, but has been chief executive officer and chief operating officer since February, the league was informed at that time.

Some of the executives at the meeting in Atlanta took with a grain or more of salt Commissioner Pete Rozelle's remarks about public reports of player's offenses smearing the image of the league. One said, "The new watchword is, 'Do you know where your players are tonight?"

Another recycled a cliche and said, "Football builds characters."

Has anyone noticed that it is only six weeks until the Redskins open their training camp, on July 19?

Some NFL clubs are disturbed because the Green Bay Packers have not raised their ticket prices, even though they sell out their home games. The difference for a team visiting Green Bay and, for example, Detroit, is said to be considerable. A visitor gets a check for some $136,000 from the Packers and some $250,000 from Detroit.

Joe Theismann, who says he is "getting itchy" for training camp, is going to take a three-week vacation to rest his arm because he has thrown a lot and "to get my appetite refreshed for football."