A spokesman for the new owners of a 546-acre tract of land near Columbia, Md., says he has received inquiries from several potential buyers, including one who said he might build a sports stadium on the property.

Yesterday's Baltimore Sun quoted Cleveland businessman Thomas J. Hartigan, trustee for 27 banks who recently acquired the property, as saying he received the inquiries.

The 27 banks were creditors of the Chase Manhattan Mortgage Realty Trust, which had filed for reorganization under chapter 11 of the federal bankruptcy laws. Acquisition of the property was part of the settlement of the bank's claim against Chase Manhattan.

Hartigan would not identify his potential buyers, but he did say he wanted to sell the property soon.

Since Washington lawyer Edward Bennett Williams purchased the Baltimore Orioles last year, there has been speculation that Williams would relocate the team in a new stadium near Columbia -- midway between the population centers of Washington and Baltimore.

Williams said yesterday he neither made the inquiries of Hartigan nor had someone make them on his behalf.

Coinciding with Hartigan's report of an inquiry from a potential stadium builder, the Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority said it had received two inquiries in the last 24 hours about the possibility of low interest loans to build a sports stadium.

One of the callers was identiffied as a real estate agent who wanted to know the maximum amount available for such a loan, an Authority spokesman said. The caller was told that the $10 million ceiling on most Authority loans probably could be waived.

The property borders Rtes. 95 and 175, and it has access to Rte. 1. It was the prospective site for the Marriott Corporation's Great America theme park three years ago, but that project was abandoned after Howard County failed to approve the necessary zoning.