Outfielder Dave Kingman was fined one day's pay today by Chicago Cub General Manager Bob Kennedy for missing Friday's 7-6 loss to the Atlanta Braves.

Based on his estimated annual salary of $225,000, the fine would amount to, about $1,250.

"I can guarantee you one thing," said Kennedy, "There ain't nobody that's going to leave this club again. Everybody will travel with the club unless there is a death or near death in a family."

Kingman requested and received permission to go to his San Diego home on Thursday's open date and investigate an alleged burglary.

He phoned Manager Preston Gomez early Friday and said he would be at the game but never showed up. Kingman, who has been troubled with a shoulder injury, was at the park early today.

He first talked with Gomez, attended a players' meeting and finally met with both Gomez and Kennedy before Kennedy announced the fine.

"I have nothing to say. Sorry," said Kingman, who usually refuses to speak to the press.

"He apologized to the players and to Preston," said Kennedy, "and he told me, 'I'm sorry to have to put you in this position.'"

The players held their own meeting for about 10 minutes, during which time they elected Barry Foote player representative to succeed Bill Buckner. Kingman attended the meeting.

"We (the players) called the meeting because we're trying to get a positive attitude going around here," said Buckner. "Everybody had his say. Yes Kingman said something, but what he said is our personal business. He volunteered to speak."

Before the meetings, Gomez said, "I'm still upset. I don't like what I read in the papers that some players think there is a double standard on this team. That's something I would never allow. But I can see where some of the players would get that idea."