NFL gossip had it that Toronto Argonaut Coach Willie Wood told Bruce Clark, the Packer's No. 1 draft pick, how few blacks there were in Green Bay and thus how limited his social life might be.

Wood played in Green Bay for 11 seasons and Clark recently signed with Toronto.

"Not true," said Wood from Toronto. "Green Bay is my old home; I'd never hurt the Packers. I got a call from Clark's agent, Rick Bennett, asking if we were interested in Clark. Our running back, Terry Metcalf (former St. Louis Cardinal), probably is why Clark chose us."

Agent Bennett credited client Metcalf, (who got a seven-year, $2.1-million contract from Toronto) with selling Clark on the charms of Toronto. Green Bay may get another shot at Clark in two years. He signed a one-year contract with a one-year option at Toronto.

Bob Harlan, corporate general manager of the Packers, acknowledges that there are only 32 black families in Green Bay, but says he heard of no pressure by Wood on Clark on that basis.

"I hear that Clark went to Toronto because he didn't want to be a nose tackle, which is the position we envisioned for him," Harlan said.

Wood was asked if he were "easy" on his Argonauts in their current training camp, "like (Vince) Lombardi was with his Packers.

"I guess I am pretty 'easy,' "Wood said "I've had only four or five guys walk out of camp from a squad of 91. We're down to 55 now and must get to 34."

Steve Rosenbloom, now general manager of the New Orleans Saints, says of selling his 6 percent of Los Angeles Rams stock to Georgia Rosenbloom, his stepmother who fired him, "I'm happy to be completely out of that organization. Now she's 100 percent owner, let's see what happens. With the present management, there was a question of how sound my investment was."

The Ram franchise is now estimated to be worth between $40 and $50 million, with added revenue from predicted sellouts at Anaheim, new income from parking and concessions and 100 new sky boxes being sold at $22,500 each.

The NFL has had a conflict of interest resolved with Steve selling his stock.

Now, look for the Redskins' next listing to have Jack Kent Cooke carrying the title of "chairman of the board" instead of "vice president," to go with the positions of chief executive officer and chief operating officer, all since a shareholders' meeting on Sept. 29, 1979.

Cook wanted Edward Bennett Williams to stay on as "president" out of appreciation for William's stewardship of the franchise over the years, before buying the Baltimore Orioles on Nov. 30.

Russ Thomas, general manager of the Detroit Lions, says of signing No. 1 draft choice Billy Sims of Oklahoma at age 25," That's good; he's very mature."

Thomas said Simms didn't drop a pass in minicamp and reasoned it was because he handled the ball so much on pitchouts under less-than-ideal situations in the wishbone formation. He is 210 pounds but was clocked at 4:45 seconds for 40 yards.