Washington reserve winger Ken Mokgojoa was hospitalized an hour before the Dips-Strikers match yesterday at RFK Stadium with a possible broken blood vessel in his left calf.

Mokgojoa, in his third season with Washington, was kicked accidentally by teammate Wim Jansen during a practice Saturday morning. After the leg swelled Saturday night, Mokgojoa was examined Sunday morning by team physician Carl MacCartee and sent to George Washington University Hospital for tests and X-rays. Team sources said there was the possiblility of a broken leg or blood clot in the calf.

"I remember getting kicked by Wim but I didn't feel that bad when I left practice," said Mokgojoa, resting comfortably at the hospital last night. "I didn't tell anyone when I left, thinking it wasn't serious. That night, it began to pain me and swelled real bad. When I came to the stadium, the trainer looked at it and sent me to the hospital.

"It doesn't feel like it's broken. I walked on it pretty good. It's just swollen and sore right now," he said.

Mokgojoa, from South Africa, has great speed and is a good one-on-one player. He scored 10 goals and had six assists in 26 games in his first season here by scoring in six straight games. Last year, Mokgojoa appeared in 19 games and had four goals and one assist.

This year, the 5-foot-11 athlete, 25, had been struggling, appearing mainly in reserve in eight games. He has taken only 13 shots and has no goals or assists.

Mokgojoa started against Chicago June 7 but did not play well. Bobby Stokes, also having a poor season, was slated to start over Mokgojoa yesterday even before the injury was discovered. Still, Coach Gordon Bradley said he was "totally shocked" when he looked at Mokgojoa's leg in the locker room before the game.

"He left practice as if nothing was the matter," Bradley said.

Washington lost midfielders Sonny Askew and Juan Jose Lozano in the Chicago game because of broken bones. At least five other players are or have been seriously injured this year.

"Mokgojoa's injury really puts us in a big bind," Bradley said. "I have to go out and find a couple of players from somewhere. It won't be easy at this time of the season. But we don't have a choice."