A woman responsible for athletic eligibility at New Mexico University testified today she delivered a transcript to former basketball coach Norm Ellenberger and when she got it back it had been changed.

The testimony by Jill Manning of Boulder, Colo., came in the second day of Ellenberger's federal trial on fraud charges.

Manning, who for three years handled the eligibility requirements for most UNM athletes, said she was asked by Ellenberger and John Whisenant, his assistant coach, to remove the transcript of former basketball player Andree Logan from the admissions office and bring it to them. Logan transferred to UNM from Mercer County (N.J.) Community College in Fall, 1978.

The original transcript contained 48 credit hours, making Logan ineligible to continue as a team member, while a later transcript that Manning said she was asked to place in the admissions office, contained 51 credit hours.

Former assistant coach Manny Goldstein and William H. Blackstad, owner of an Albuquerque printing company, told the six-man, six-woman jury that they prepared an altered transcript from the Trenton school for Logan in November 1978. They told of making a fake embossed seal to validate it. Goldstein said he had gotten Mercer professors to change Logan's grades but then resorted to blank Mercer forms when suspicions arose in the administration there.

Ellenberger has been charged on five counts of mail fraud, one count of wire fraud and one count of interstate travel in aid of racketeering.