Getting tickets for tonight's Leonard-Duran fight is only half the battle. Getting to and from closed-circuit television sites is another task.

Between one-quarter and one-third of the soldout Capital Centre's 6,000 parking spaces are occupied by the Summer Fun Carnival, creating a severe parking shortage.

Ticket-holders are urged to car-pool and to arrive as early as possible. The carnival will be open from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. for fight ticket-holders and their families only.

Automobile travel is advised for many viewers at the D.C. Armory, where tickets go on sale this morning. Metrorail will operate on its normal schedule, with the final trains leaving the Stadium-Armory station at 11:43 p.m. for Ballston and National Airport and 12:20 a.m. for New Carrollton. A 15-round decision would make subway connections to most points rather tight. a

The winner of a round will be given 10 points loser nine or less. The scores will be collected after every round.

There will be no automatic ending of the fight if a participant is knocked down three times in one round. The referee will have the final authority to stop the bout.

If a boxer is knocked out of the ring, he, will have 20 seconds to reenter without help, or he will be disqualified.

It will be a 20-foot square ring and eight-ounce gloves will be worn.

The bell at the end of a round cannot stop the referee from counting over a knocked-down boxer, except in the final round.

Only water may be ingested by the boxers during the bout, and it will be supplied by the commission. It will be sealed beforehand and sealed and signed by the chief seconds immediately after the bout, pending tests for drugs.

The only material permitted to be applied to a boxer's face will be petroleum jelly. No smelling salts will be allowed.

Wilfred Benitez lost his World Boxing Council welterweight title to Leonard last fall, but the Puerto Rican reportedly walked away with the heart of the champion's little sister.

Benitez, 21, and Sharon Leonard, 20, have been seen together this week in the lobby of a hotel in Montreal.

The couple said they met in Las Vegas Nov. 30, the day of the Leonard-Benitez fight, and the relationship blossomed by telephone, with a little assistance from Leonard's trainer, Angelo Dundee.

Muhammad Ali picks Leonard to beat Duran.

"I've only seen Sugar Ray a few times," Ali said. "I've never seen Duran. I understand he's more of a slugger. You usually pick the boxer over a slugger?"

At a press conference in Montreal yesterday Ali seemed disheveled and unenthusiastic.

He said he might fight Bernardo Mercado within two months for $10 million and Larry Holmes a month after that for another $10 million. Later he said he might fight Holmes first. He added that he weighs 231 pounds, seven above his fighting weight.

Ali was to return to his Deer Lake, Pa., training camp this morning and said he will watch the bout on closed-circuit television in Reading, Pa. He said watching the fight in Olympic Stadium "would take too much away from the fighters. I'm bigger than sport."

Jimmy the Greek, in his syndicated column, agrees the 8-to-5 odds favoring Leonard are justified -- but predicts Duran will win. The Greek adds, "It's also 8-to-5 that the fight, no matter who wins, will end in a knockout." "