Twenty-five buses and hundreds of cars full of fight fans descended on Manchester's John F. Kennedy Memorial Coliseum Friday night after a false rumor circulated in Lowell, Mass., that the coliseum had room for extra patrons to watch the Leonard-Duran welterweight world championship boxing match on closed-circuit television.

Coliseum officials said the 4,200-seat arena actually was sold out at $15 a ticket.

The horde made the trip of about 25 miles after technical problems prevented a planned closed-circuit telecast of the fight in Lowell, Manchester Police Lieutenant George Miville said.

"We notified the Merrimack toll gate (on Interstate 93 south of Manchester) and tried to intercept them, tried to turn them around," Miville said. "But we probably got the majority of them up there and they insisted on being let in."

Miville said hundreds, and perhaps thousands of cars accompanied the buses. He estimated that 900 fans arrived by bus and at least that many more arrived by car, but said the estimates were rough.

"The guys down there are so busy they aren't taking a census," he said of the roughly 25 Manchester officers who worked to keep the peace during what Miville said was about one hour of "intense problems."

Police made three disorderly conduct arrests before the crowd dispersed and things calmed down, Miville said.