It's a good thing for the Redskins that quarterback Joe Theismann doesn't throw the bomb the way he drove a golf ball or three yesterday.

Theismann was one of more than 100 professional sports celebrities and congressmen who competed yesterday in the 10th annual Vince Lombardi Golf and Tennis Tournament, in honor of the late football coach, at the Indian Spring Country Club.

On his opening drive on the first hole, Theismann hooked a 300-yard shot far to the left that prompted the speaker of the House of Representatives, Tip O'Neill, to say, "Joe, now I see why the Redskins drafted a good receiver with long arms in the first round."

On the 11th hole Theismann sliced a 100-yard drive into the Indian Spring pond, drawing laughter from the contestants nearby.

The winning scrambles foursome of George Fryklund, Jim Russ, Harold Anderson and Ed Husson had already shot a 59 in the early bird tournament which was added because of the large number of competitors. The score stood all afternoon.

The tennis tournament, headed by Redskin Coach Jack Pardee and the Washington Bullets' general manager, Bob Ferry, was won by Pete McClosky and Corky Campbell, who defeated the father-and-daughter team of Bob and Sue Nirschl, 6-4.

Perhaps the most talented and determined contestant in the tennis competition was Bullet guard Kevin Grevey, who at 6-5 and with excellent racket control, was an imposing figure at the net. His strong serve and crisp volleys were nearly unstoppable.

"I'm going all out for this thing. I'm trying like heck to win it," smiled Grevey, who has won several NBA summer tournaments. At one stretch, Grevey and partner Dennis Loftus had won 13 of 16 games.

More than $150,000 was donated by 360 competitors to the Georgetown University Vincent T. Lombardi Cancer Research Center and the construction of the $11 million addition.