The Maryland Thoroughbred Commission today denied, by a 3-to-2 vote, the appeal of suspended jockey Jesse Davidson to be allowed to return to state tracks as a customer.

Davidson, who served four months in a federal penitentiary for his part in the fixing of a triple race five years ago, was represented by attorney Hal C. B. Clagett, who pleaded that Davidson be allowed to go to the track "an any ordinary fan." Clagett had said that the right to enter a track was "the first step" toward a renewal of the former riding champion's jockey license.

Chairman Robert W. Banning said, "The actions of Jesse Davidson and his like have removed credibility from the racing game. True, there should be redemption for everyone. But his crime was so severe as to disallow him from coming back at this time. People have been barred for life for much less."

In other action, the board allowed Timonium to experiment with a 3 o'clock post time on Wednesdays only, and liberalized the method under which horses may gain access to the bleeder list, which would make them eligible for the drug Lasix.

In the past, a horse had to be observed bleeding by a state veterinarian after a race. The commissioners yesterday acceded to horsemen's requests that a horse be allowed to be put on the list if he is observed by a state vet to be bleeding after workout.