The Pick Six form of wagering will be instituted Monday at Arlington Park in Illinois and on July 9 at Atlantic City in New Jersey. Bowie is the next likely candidate for the exotic style of betting.

The Pick Six involves selecting the winners of six straight races on a card. The variables are in how to distribute the money. Most tracks give 75 percent of the pool to bettors picking all six and the rest to those picking five.

Bowie officials are about to ask the Maryland Throughbred Board for permission to institute the gimmick. They would like to have the 75 percent that usually goes to bettors who pick all six winners carried over to the next day if there are no such winners. The usual 25 percent would still go to the pickers of five winners.

The carryover would then be included in the next day's entire pool.The most consecutive days for the carryover would be four.

"Just imagine," said Bowie General Manager Al Karwacki yesterday, "We could have as much as $300,000 in a single pool on Friday should there be no winner of the Pick Six for four previous days. I'm not a player and that excites me. We in racing have to understand the magical thinking that goes into any form of wagering. We have to give the people what they want. And all indications are that they want it. The horsemen have to like it, too, since they would directly benefit from the added play that the Pick Six seems to engender."

Karwacki, who has been studying the Pick Six for several weeks, said he expects some opposition to the carryover proposal saying that some track managers want the money distributed to as many winners as possible.

"In any case," he concluded, "Maryland probably Bowie, will have the Pick Six in one form or another by September at the latest."