In light of recent stories regarding the possibility of a plush club at RFK Stadium, I thought you should know how really impossible it is to get a season ticket to the Redskins games.

I did some checking on the correspondence I have on file with the ticket office and here are the results:

Letter from Bill Lally, 2-3-72, placing my name on mailing list advising me that approximately 9,000 names are on the list.

Letter from George Christophel, 9-12-72, assuring me that I will be advised when my name reaches the top -- No number indicated.

Letter from Larry Jones, 8-20-76, with my first indication of a definite number -- 5337.

Letter from S. Barton, 12-5-78, with No. 5007.

Letter from S. Barton, 6-20-80, with No. 4627.

Even though I have already been on the list for nearly eight years I have moved up 710 places since my first known waiting list number of 5337.

This means I'm moving up at a rate of approximately 178 places per year, and 4,627 places yet to do.

I am 58 years old and at the present rate will be 84 when I receive my season tickets 26 years from now.

Most of the players on the Redskin team of 2006 aren't born yet.