Mike Trainer, attorney for Sugar Ray Leonard, estimated yesterday that the former welterweight boxing champion will receive $10 million for his June 20 bout against Roberto Duran.

Trainer was in New York City to go over incomplete figures with Top Rank, Inc., which handled the closed-circuit telecast.

Trainer said that Leonard would receive money from the "live" gate in Montreal, from the closed-circuit telecast and from foreign television.

The attorney said that more than 1 million fans watched the telecast at about 300 sites in United States and Canada. Local exhibitors grossed about $10 million and netted an aggregate of about $1 million.

Trainer said the closed-circuit telecast grossed about $21 million and netted about $11 million for the promoters, with $2.5 million of that to be paid in expenses, including a payment to Duran.

A spokesperson for the government agency in Montreal that promoted the "live" bout said yesterday the production lost $500,000.

Monic Houde, director of communication services at Montreal's Olympic Stadium, said the official figures might not be available until August, but "as of now, expenses were $500,000 above the break-even point of $5.1 million. We had insurance up to the break-even point."

She said the crowd figure of 46,195 was official and that Leonard was paid $4.1 million in Canadian funds for the "live" promotion. She reported that the Canadian government has frozen $2 million of Leonard's share for tax purposes, but noted that the Olympic Installations Board, which promoted the fight, is contesting the federal government's action in behalf of Leonard. t