Unlike tha major league All-Star Game, which shows a lopsided record recently, Friday night's D.C. Coaches Association All-Star football game at RFK Stadium is a rubber match.

Coming into this 12th annual East-versus-West clash, which begins at 8 p.m., the series stands dead even at 5-5-1.

The game is expected to be close and then boil down to how well the Ken Howell-coached East squad can defense the passing attack of Roosevelt quarterback Dwight Singleton.

"Both teams are quite evenly matched," said Howell, who coaches Spingarn during the football season.

"Singelton's going to put on a good show, probably passing a lot to Wayne Jefferies of Dunbar. We've got to stop that combination. My defense is going to put on a good show too. Those people are going to get their money's worth. We want to entertain the fans."

Howell said the first thing to do to stop a good passing attack is pray. "But seriously, pressure from the front four. They have got to put pressure on the quarterback. That's how you stop a good passing attack."

Howell will miss the defense of all-met defensive tackle Reggie Montgomery of Eastern who is shelved with a dislocated shoulder suffered in paractice last week.

Howell's main stopper should be his own aptly named all-Met tackle from Spingarn, Michael Wall, 6-1 and 210 pounds.

Other strong defenders for the East will be Eastern all-Mets John Chesley (defensive end) and Sean Majors (linebacker). Both signed scholarships with Oklahoma State.

Also hoping to shut down the West's passing attack will be cornerbacks Kevin Whitaker (Carroll) and Ricardo Wollfolk (Spingarn), safeties Darnell Hawkins (H.D. Woodson), Ronald McIntyre (Eastern) Joe Louis (Ballou) and Kevin Coles (Phelps) and defensive ends Bruce Neal (Eastern and Moses Henderson (Spingarn).

The East will be quarterbacked by Joe Berger of Anacostia and Jeff King of Spingarn, throwing primarily to Tim Taylor (Spingarn) and Anthony Garland (Anacostia).

Starting East running backs will be Gary Mayo, who gained more than 800 yards last season, and Reese Carson, both all-Interhigh players from Spingarn, running behind a strong offensive line.

Tickets, at $3, can be purchased at the Earl Howard Studio, Ballou, Eastern, Rooselvelt, Spingarn and H. D. Woodson high schools or at the RFK Stadium gate.