The executive board of the International Olympic Committee recommended today that several new events, principally for women, be added to the program of the 1984 Games, and that at least one additional sports -- table tennis -- be added for 1988.

The executive board accepted the recommendations of the program committee that women's judo and cycling be included eventually, that several events be added in track and field, swimming, yachting and shooting, and that table tennis be included in 1988, making it the 22nd Olympic sport.

IOC Director Monique Berlioux emphasized that the recommendations are not binding, and must be voted upon by the full IOC membership during its meetings here next week before Saturday's start of this summer's Games.

According to IOC rules, a new sport must be approved at least six years before it takes place in the Games, but a new event within an existing sport can be held earlier.

Among the new events recommended for the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles were the 3,000-meter run and the 40-meter hurdles for women. A proposal to add a women's marathon to the Olympic program was rejected, but the executive board agreed to hear an appeal on the subject Sunday from Adrian Paulen, president of the International Amateur Athletics Federation.