With the absence of the United States and Japan, the Italians are a good bet to win at least two medals in the men's competition. The Soviet women should not have much competition.

American Darrell Pace, the defending world champion, won the gold medal in 1976 and would have been the favorite if the U.S. were competing.


Favorites: Carlos Ferrari, Italy; Sante Spigarelli, Italy; Kauko Laasonen, Finland. Top U.S. Performers: Darrell Pace, Scott Kertson.


Favorites: Natalia Butuzova U.S.S.R.; Kopvan Vatehtina, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performers: Judy Adams, Lynette Johnson.


Perhaps one of the best teams in the history of Olympic basketball -- the '80 U.S. team -- will not compete. Coach Dave Gavitt's players won four of five games against teams made up of various NBA players and defeated the heralded 1976 U.S. gold medal team.

Without the U.S. team, the Soviets and Yugoslavia will duel for the gold. Czechoslovakia, Italy and Cuba also are strong. The Soviet men, for years feared, are aging.

The U.S. women also have an impressive team with imposing size. But as one Olympic basketball official put it, "Nobody, including the U.S., is going to beat the Soviet women until Uliana Semonova (7-foot-2) retires."

Semonova, 31, doesn't plan to do that. Bulgaria and Cuba should lag far behind to take the silver and bronze.


Favorites: U.S.S.R., Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Cuba, U.S. Team: Mark Aquirre, Rolando Blackman Sam Bowie, Mike Brooks, Bill Hanzlik, Alton Lister, Rodney McCray, Islah Thomas, Darnell Valentine, Danny Vranes, Al Wood, buck Williams, University of Maryland.


Favorites: U.S.S.R., Bulgaria, Cuba. U.S. Team: Tara Heiss Bethesga, Md.; Holly Warlick; Lynette Woodward; Anne Donovan; Lataunya Pollard; Jill Rankin; Debra Miller; Cindy Noble; Carol Blazeiowski; Denise Curry; Rosie Walker; Kris Kirchner, University of Maryland.


The U.S. team of 1976 won five golds in Montreal. "But that team had so many good breaks," said Col. Don Hull, International Amateur Boxing Association president. "Our '76 team benefited greatly from the boycott of the African countries. We had a lot of luck. This team (1980) is just as good as that one was."

The best of the U.S. team, which suffered tragic losses in an air crash in Poland this year, are bantamweight Jackie Beard, who would have been a shoo-in for the gold, and featherweight Bernard Taylor, a strong candidate for a gold or silver. Heavyweight James Broad is an excellent puncher, but his suspect left hook would have made him an easy victim for Cuba's Teofilo Stevenson.

Stevenson is going after his third consecutive gold medal. He should have minimal trouble attaining that goal.

The best young newcomer may be Soviet light heavyweight David Kvadchadze.


Favorites: Teofilo Stevenson, Cuba; Jurgen Sanghanel, East Germany; Petr Zaev, U.S.S.R., Top U.S. Performer: James Beard.

Light Heavyweights

Favorites: David Kvadchadze, U.S.S.R., Top U.S. Performer: Lee Roy Murphy.


Favorites: Jose Gomez, Cuba; Viktor Savchenko, U.S.S.R., Top U.S. Performer: Charles Carter.

Light Middleweight

Favorites: Vladimir Dhgabrailov, U.S.S.R.; Jerzy Rybicky, Poland. Top U.S. Performer: James Shuler.


Favorites: Adolfo Horto, Cuba; Viktor Demian-U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Charles Carter.

Light Middleweight

Favorites: Vladimir Dhgabrailov, U.S.S.R.; Jerzy Rybicky, Poland. Top U.S. Performer: James Shuler.


Favorites: Adolfo Horto, Cuba; Viktor Demianeko, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Joe Manley.


Favorites: Richard Nawokowski, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Bernard Taylor.


Favorites: Feliks Pak, U.S.S.R.; Daniel Zaragoza, Cuba. Top U.S. Performer: Jackie Beard.


There seems to be little competition for the East Germans and the Soviets. Those two countries fromt he dominant Eastern bloc, could win all the medals. Greg Barton of Homer, Michigan was the only U.S. threat The East German women are a sure bet.

Men K-1

Favorites: Rudiger Helm, East Germany; Vasily Diba, Romania, Top U.S. Performer: Greg Barton.


Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R.

K-4Favorites: U.S.S.R., East Germany, Romania.


Favorites: Tomas Wichman, Hungary, Vasily Yourchenko, U.S.S.R.


Favorites: U.S.S.R., East Germany, Romania.

Women K-1

Favorites: Anke Onde, East Germany; Galina Kreft, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Ann Turner.


Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R.


The East Germans are the best in both team and individual competition, but the Soviets will make the event interesting on their specially constructed course.

"The Russians built that race course very smartly," said one U.S. official. "The Soviet riders will have the advantage because they're the only ones who have had enough time to practice all those extremely sharp turns and blind corners. Without such a tough course, the East Germans would be head and shoulders above the competion."

Road, Team

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R., Poland.

Road, Indvidual

Favorites: Sergei Susharaczenkow, U.S.S.R.; Augustino Giovanni, Italy, Jankiewicz Suika, Poland.Top U.S. Performer: Dale Wayne Stetina.

Track, 200 Meters

Favorites: Lutz Hesslich, Emmanuel Raasch, East Germany.

1,000 Meters

Favorites: Lotar Thomas, East Germany.

4,000 Meters

Favorites: Etal Durpiszch, East Germany.

Team Pursuit

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R. and Switzerland.


Greg Louganis of the U.S. would have won two golds. The Americans won five of the 12 medals in Montreal, including two golds. Now the East Germans should win most everything,

Eighteen-year-old Meg Meyer of Dallas was supposed to dominate in the women's competition, but the Soviets and East Germans will now do the cleaning up.

Men Platform

Favorites: Sergei Nentasanov, U.S.S.R.; Falk Hoffman, East Germany; Vladimir Aleynik, U.S.S.R.; Carlos Giron, Meico. Top U.S. Performers: Randy Ableman and Mark Virts.


Favorites: Falk Hoffman, East Germany; Carlos Giron, Mexico; Chris Snow, Great Britain, Giorgio Cagnotto, Italy. Top U.S. Performer: Greg Louganis.

Women Platform

Favorites: Irina Klinina, U.S.S.R.; Ann Jaschke, East Germany; Beate Roth, East Germany. Top U.S. Performers: Meg Meyer and Barb Weinstein.


Favorites: Irini Klinina, U.S.S.R.; Ann Jaschke, East Germany. Top U.S. Performers: Cnythia Potter, Chris Seufert, Jennifer Chandler, Meg Meyer.


Sure to be the poorest field in the history of the Games. The U.S., Canada, Great Britain, West Germany, Belgium, Australia, Denmark and Sweden have all withdrawn and France's status is uncertain. That leaves the Soviet Union and their satellite nations to compete in an event they are weak in.

The U.S. had an extremely strong field in the Grand Prix Jumping and is the defending champion in the Three-Day Event. A silver medal for the American dressage team would not have been beyond reach.

If the French Federation decides at the last minute to compete, France could easily sweep. If not, the Bulgarians will probably win at least two golds.

Grand Prix Jumping

Favorites: Bulgaria, U.S.S.R., Romania. U.S. Team: Norman Dello, Armond Leone, Katie Monahan, Dennis Murphy, Terry Rudd, Melanie Smith, Leslie Burr.

Three-Day Event

Favorites: Bulgaria, U.S.S.R., Poland, Mexico. U.S. Team: Torrance Watkins, Mike Plumb James Wofford, Karen Stizes, Washington Bishop III, Mike Huber.

Grand Prix Dressage

Favorites: Bulgaria, U.S.S.R., Poland, Mexico, U.S. Team: Linden Gray, Gwen Stockebrand, John Winnet, Linda Zang, Alexandra Howard.


In at least three of the fencing events the Soviets may be dueling themselves for medals. Only the absence of the West Germans will hurt the competition, which the Soviet Union has long dominated. Hungary, Italy, Sweden and France figure to keep the Russians awake. The Soviet dominance in the women's competition is even stronger.



Favorites: Vladimir Nazimov, U.S.S.R.; Viktor Klovotuskoy, U.S.S.R.; Imre Gedovari, Hungary; Pal Gerevich, Hungary; Michele Maffei, Italy; (Team): U.S.S.R., Hungary, Italy. Top U.S. Performer: Peter Westbrook.


Favorites: Alexander Romankov, U.S.S.R.; Fabio dal Zotto Italy, didler Flament, France; (Team) U.S.S.R., Italy. Top U.S. Performers: John Nonna and Greg Massialas.


Favorites: Phillippe Riboud, France; V. Kolczonay, Hungary; (Team) Sweden, Hungary, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Paul Pesthy.

Women Foll

Favorites: Valentina Siderove, U.S.S.R.; Elena Belova, U.S.S.R.; Ildiko Schwarczenberger, Hungary; (Team) U.S.S.R., Hungary. Top Performers: Gay D'Asaro and Nikkie Franke.

Field Hockey

This field is decimated by the boycott more than any other in the Games. The Soviet Union is begging countries previously eliminated to compete as alternates. Nine entries in the original 12-country field have dropped out in the men's competition. The U.S.S.R., Spain and the favorite, India, are the only countries remaining. Poland, Italy and Uganda round out the "competition."

Five of the six qualifying countries in the women's field have dropped out. And those five are among the world's top seven teams. The Soviet Union, East Germany and India will battle for the gold. They may be the only competitors, meaning an automatic medal for each.

The U.S. women are ranked third in the world behind Holland and may have had a chance at playing in the final round for the gold. The U.S. men did not qualify but were added as an alternate.


Favorites: India, U.S.S.R., Spain. U.S. Team: Did not qualify.


Favorites: U.S.S.R., East Germany, India.


Americans Kurt Thomas and Bart Conner would have needed private jets fot fly home all their gold and silver. Now, the Eastern bloc will rule.

Soviets Alexander Ditiatin and Alexander Tkachev a tough run, and will claim several medals each. If they aren't at their best, watch for the East Germans and Zoltan Magyar Hungary.



Favorites (Team): U.S.S.R., East Germany, Romania, Bulgaria; (Individual) Alexander Ditiatin, U.S.S.R., Alexander Tkachev U.S.S.R., Roland Bruckner, East Germany; Zoltan Magyar, Hungary. Top U.S. Performer: Kurt Thomas.

Floor Exercise

Favorites: Bruckner, East Germany; Tkachev, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Thomas.

Pommel Horse

Favorites: Magyar, Hungary; Ditiatin, U.S.S.R.; Stojan Del chev, Bulgaria. Top U.S. Performer: Thomas:


Favorites: Ditiatin, U.S.S.R.; Danut Grecu. Romania. Top U.S. Performer: Thomas.


Favorites: Ditiatin, U.S.S.R.; Ralph Barthel East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Bart Conner.

Parallel Bars

Favorites: Tkachev, U.S.S.R.; Ditiatin, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performers: Conner and Thomas.

Horizontal Bars

Favorites: Tkachev, U.S.S.R.; Ditiatin, U.S.S.R.; Deltchev, Bulgaria. Top U.S. Performer: Thomas.

Women All-Around

Favorites (Team): U.S.S.R., Romania, East Germany; (Individual): Nadia Comaneci, Romania; Nellie Kim, U.S.S.R.

Floor Exercie

Favorites: Emilia Eberly, Romania; Kim, U.S.S.R.; Comaneci, Romania Melita Ruhn Romania; Maxie Gnauzc, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Kathy Johnson.


Favorites: Comaneci, Romania, Dumitria Turner, Czchoslovakia; Kim, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Tracee Talavera.


Favorites: Comaneci, Romania, Dumitria Turner, Romania; Stella Zakharova, U.S.S.R.; Steffi Kraker, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Kathy Johnson.

Uneven Bars

Favorites: Comaneci, Romania, Gnauzc, East Germany. Eberly Romania. Top U.S. Performer: Marsha Frederick.


The Japanese have dominated the Judo competition since it was introduced to the Games in 1964 at Tokyo. With their absence, the Soviets should win at least four gold medals, instead of the two they might have captured with Japan competing.


Favorite: S. Norikov, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Mitch Santa Maria.


Favorite: S. Norikov, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Jesse Goldstein.

Light Heavyweights

Favorite: V. Tkhudulum, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Miguel Tuelda.


Favorite: E. Eltsch, East Germany. Top U.S. Performers: Tommy Martin.

Light Middleweights

Favorite: V. Nevzoz, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Nick Yonezuka.


Favorite: S. Soloduhkin, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Steve Seck.

Modern Pentathlon

For the first time the U.S. would have been entering the Games as defending world champion, having won the team and individual titles last August in Budapest. Without the U.S. the communist bloc should easily win all three medals. Juarez Pesceck of Poland won the individual competition gold in 1976 in Montreal and is the favorite to repeat.


Favorites: Hungary, Poland, U.S.S.R.


Favorites: Juanaz Perceck, Poland; Pavel Lednev, U.S.S.R.; Victor Horvath, Hungary. Top U.S. Performers: Bob Nieman, John Fitzgerald, Mike Burley.


With West Germany not competing, the East Germans could win five of the eight gold medals in the men's bracket, with the Soviets picking up at least two fo the other three. American domination of the sport had faded just before the 1976 Games, but has reemerged in the last two years with an infusion of new talent.

Especially exciting would have been the U.S. performance in pairs with coxswain. Mark and Fred Borchelt and Chris Wells, high schoolers from Arlington, have already reached world class status and would have been fighting for no less than a silver in Moscow. They won their event, without coxswain, at the Henley Royal Regatta.

John Lind, who rowed her way to the silver medal in Montreal, would have been the favorite for the gold. But now, the East Germans and Soviets, who have not released the names of their rowers, should dominate the women's competition.

Men Eights

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R., Finland, New Zealand.

Single Sculls

Favorite: J. Karpinnen, Finland, Top U.S. Performers: Bill Belden and John Van Blom.

Double Sculls

Favorites: Frank and Alf Hansen, Norway; East Germany, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performers: Jim Dietz and John Van Blom.

Pairs With Cox

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performers: Mark and Fred Borchelt, Chris Wells.

Pairs Without Cox

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R., Norway. Top U.S. Performers: Mark O'Brian and John Carabanas.

Fours Without Cox

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performers: Bruce Epke, John Terwilliger, Tom Hull, Dan Soyner.

Fours With Coxswain

Favorites: Australia, New Zealand, East Germany, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performers: Phil Stekl, Tom Darling, Paul Prioleau, John Chatzky.

Women Single Sculls

Favorites: Sanda Toma, Romania; Martina Schroeder, East Germany. Top U.S. Performers: Joan Lind.

Double Sculls

Favorites: East Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performers: Judy and Carlie Geer.

Quadruple Sculls With Cox

Favorites: East Germany, Romania, Poland, Holland. Top U.S. Performers: Kelly Rickon, Jan Palichikoff, Liz Hills, Nancy Vespidi, Anne Marden.


Favorites: East Germany, Romania, Poland, Holland. Top U.S Performers: Jeanne Flanagan, Kathy Thaxton.

Fours With Coxswain

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R., Holland, Romania, Bulgaria. Top U.S. Performers: Hope Barnes, Kathy Keeler, Virginia Gilder, Sue Tuttle, Valerie McClain.


Favorites: U.S.S.R., East Germany, Bulgaria, Fomania. Top U.S. Performers: Peggy McCarthy, Carol Brown, Nancy Storrs, Karla Drewson, Carol Bower, Carie Graves, Jan Harville, Pat Spratlan, Holly Hatton.


The U.S. could have won three medals in the seven shooting events, including golds for English Rifle competitor Dave Kimes of California and international skeet shooter Dean Clark. Clark has been most impressive in the last two years and is one of the few shooters in the world to record a perfect score in international competition.

East Germany, the Soviet Union and Italy will dominate the competition in one of the Games' oldest sports. It began in 1897.


Free Pistol

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Steve Riter.

Rapid-Fire Pistol

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Terry Anderson.

English Match

Favorites: U.S.S.R., East Germany, Great Britain. Top U.S. Performer: David Kimes.

Small-Bore Free Rifle

Favorites: Italy, Spain. Top U.S. Performer: Lones Wigger.

Running Game Target

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Randy Smith.

International Skeet

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R., Italy, Holland, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Dean O. Clark.


Favorites: Italy, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Earnest Neel.


The Soviets, East Germans and Czechs are evenly matched, and any of the three could win the gold.

The U.S. team wouldn't have been a factor. "Amateur" Eastern bloc nations have won 17 of the last 21 soccer medals -- primarly because Olympic rules bar best European and South American pros. The 16 competing teams are divided into four groups.

Favorites: U.S.S.R., East Germany, Czechoslavokia, Yugoslavia, Spain.


Of the 15 defending men's world champions, 13 will not compete. Of the 39 Montreal medalists, 31 will not compete.

Almost as decimated is the women's field: 11 of 14 defending world champions will be absent.

The Soviets, as a result, should win at least five of 15 gold medals with Sweden and East Germany battling for the other top spots.

The American women would have won at least six of the 15 golds but all of those will now probably be handed over to the East Germans, who may win 10 gold medals in all.

100-Meter Breaststroke

Favorites: Duncan Goodhew, Great Britain, 1:00.31; Aleksandr Federovsky, U.S.S.R., 1:03.36. Top U.S. Performer: Steve Lundquist, 1:03.08.

200-Meter Breaststroke

Favorites: Robertas Zhulpa, U.S.S.R., 2:15.36; Arsen Miskarov, U.S.S.R., 2:17.43 Top U.S. Performer: Glenn Mills, 2:18.03

100-Meter Butterfly

Favorites: Per Arvidsson, Sweden, 54:15; Roger Pyttel, East Germany, 55.32. Top U.S. Performer: Joe Bottom, 54.43.

200-Meter Butterfly

Favorites: Sergel Fesenko, U.S.S.R., 2:00.01; Arvidsson, Sweden, 2:00.62. Top U.S. Performer: Mike Bruener, 1:59.48.

400-Meter Individual Medley

Favorites: Alexander Sidorenko, U.S.S.R., 4:21.97; Sergel Fesenko, U.S.S.R., 1:22.10. top U.S. Performer: Brian Goodell, 4:29.05.

400-Meter Relay

Favorites: U.S.S.R., East Germany.

100-Meter Freestyle

Favorites: Jorg Wolthe, East Germany, 50.55; Pelle Holmertz, Swedeen, 51.04. Top U.S. Performer: Rowdy Gaines, 49.61.

200-Meter Freestyle

Favorites: Sergei Kopliakov, U.S.S.R., 1:49.92; Andrey Krylov, U.S.S.R., 1:51.49. Top U.S. Performer: Gaines, 1:49.16.

400-Meter Freestyle

Favorites: Vladimir Salnikov, U.S.S.R., 3:51.20; Dian Madruga, Brazil, 3:53.91. Top U.S. Performer: Mike Bruener, 3:52.24.

1,500-Meter Freestyle

Favorites: Salnikov, U.S.S.R., 15:09.27; Alexander Chaev, U.S.S.R., 15:19.63. Top U.S. Performer: Bruener, 15:19.76.

100-Meter Backstroke

Favorites: Viktor Kuznetsov, U.S.S.R., 57.17; Mark Kerry, Australia, 57.43. Top U.S. Performer: Peter Rocca, 57.66.

200-Meter Backstroke

Favorites: Sandor Wladar, Hungary, 2:01.78; Kuznetov, U.S.S.R., 2:-2.70. Top U.S. Performer: Rocca, 2:00.73.


100-Meter Freestyle

Favorites: Caren Metschuk, East Germany, 55.45; Barbara Krause, East Germany, 55.64. Top U.S. Performer: Jill Sterkel, 56.12.

200-Meter Freestyle

Favorites: Barbara Krause, East Germany, 1:59.14; Carmela Schmidt, East Germany, 2:00.08. Top U.S. Performer: Cynthia Woodhead, 1:59.39.

400-Meter Freestyle

Favorites: Petra Schneider, East Germany, 4:11.90; Ines Diers, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Kim Linehan, 4:07.84.

800-Meter Freestyle

Favorites: Diers, East Germany, 8:37.79; Michelle Ford, Australia, 8:38.42. Top U.S. Performer: Linehan, 8:27.82.

100-Meter Backstroke

Favorites: Rica Reinisch, East Germany, 1:01.77; Petra Riedel, East Germany, 1:02.60. Top U.S. Performer: Linda Jezek, 1:03.06.

200-Meter Backstroke

Favorites: Birgit Treber, East Germany, 2:13.14; Lisa Forrest, Australia, 2:14.86. Top U.S. Performer: Jezek, 2:14.39.

100-Meter Backstroke

Favorites: Ute Geweniger, East Germany, 1:10.20; Lina Kachushite, U.S.S.R., 2:29.45. Top U.S. Performer: Caulkins, 2:33.06.

100-Meter Butterfly

Favorites: Andrea Pollack, East Germany, 1:00.86; Caren Metschuk, East Germany, 1:01.47. Top U.S. Performer: Mary T. Meagher, 59.26.

200-Meter Butterfly

Favorites: Andrea Pollack, East Germany, 2:10.57; Ina Geissler, East Germany, 2:10.95. Top U.S. Performer: Caulkins, 4:43.00.$400-Meter Relay

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R., Great Britain, Sweden.

400-Meter Medley Relay

Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R., Great Britain.

Team Handball

The Americans didn't qualify for the Games, losing to Cuba in the qualifying rounds. The 12 men's teams are divided into two six-team divisions. The U.S. ranks 15th in world standings.

West Germany will not be on hand to defend its 1979 men's world championship but Denmark, which finished third in that competition, will be in Moscow. The Soviet Union, East Germany and Romania should capture men's medals.

Only six teams compete in the women's bracket and defending champion East Germany rates a slight edge over the '76 gold medalist, the Soviet Union.


Favorites: U.S.S.R., East Germany, Romania, Yugoslavia.


Favorites: East Germany, U.S.S.R., Yugoslavia.

Track & Field

When the dust finally settles, the medals in this competition will be more evenly distributed than in any other. The Soviets, cubans, East Germans, British and Polish should win at least three gold medals apiece in the 24 men's events.

The U.S. might have won more than six golds: Renaldo Nehemiah (110-meter hurdles); Edwin Moses (400-meter hurdles); Bill Rodgers (marathon); Larry Myricks (long jump); Mac Wilkins (discus) and both relay teams. Medals from triple-jumper Willie Banks, hurdlers Greg Foster and Dedy Cooper, sprinter Harvey Glance and distance men Don Paige and Craig Virgin were almost inevitable.

The track and field world will be focusing on middle distance runners Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett of Great Britain. The two unfriendly countrymen will have a chance to improve on the world records they set July 1 in Oslo.

Ovett, who runs the 1,500 meters, broke Coe's mile mark with a time of 3:48.8. Coe, who will compete in the 800-meter event, finished the 1,000 meter in 2:13.40, breaking American Rick Wohlhuter's mark.

Men 100 Meters

Favorites: Silvio Leonard, Cuba; Don Quarrie, Jamaica.Top U.S. Performer: Stanley Floyd, 10:26.

200 Meters

Favorites: Pietro Mennea, Italy; Allan Wells, Great Britain. Top U.S. Performer: James Butler, 20.49.

400 Meters

Favorites: Bert Cameron, Jamaica; Alberto Juantorena, Cuba. Top U.S. Performer: Bill Green 45.85.

800 Meters

Favorites: Sebastian Coe, Great Britain; Olaf Beyer, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Don Paige, 1:44.53.

1,500 Meters

Favorites: Steve Ovett, Great Britain, John Robson, Great Britain. Top U.S. Performer: Steve Scott, 3:35.18.

5,000 Meters

Favorites: Miruts Yifter, Ethiopia; Brendon Foster, Great Britain; Alexander Antipov, U.S.S.R. Rop U.S. Performer: Matt Centrowitz, 13:30.53.

10,000 Meters

Favorites: Alexander Antipov, U.S.S.R.; Miruts Yifter, Ethiopia; Lasse Viren, Finland. Top U.S. Performer: Craig Virgin, 27:45.51.

3,000 Meter Steeplechase

Favorites: Bronislaw Malinowski, Poland; Mariano Scartezzinni, Italy. Top U.S. Performer: Henry Marsh, 8:15.58.

Pole Vault

Favorites: Konstantin Volkov, U.S.S.R.; Patrick Abada, France. Top U.S. Performer: Tom Hintnaus.

Long Jump

Favorites: Frank Paschek, East Germany; Lutz Dombrowski, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Larry Myricks, 27-2.

Triple Jump

Favorites: Joao Oliveira, Brazil, Gennadi Valyukevich, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Willie Banks, 55-1 1/2.

Shot Put

Favorites: Udo Beyer, East Germany; Reijo Stahlberg, Finland. Top U.S. Performer: Pete Shmock, 68-4.


Favorites: Wolfgang Schmidt, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Mac Wilkins, 235-4.


Favorites: Yuri Syedikh, U.S.S.R.; Sergei Litvinov, U.S.S.R.; Detlef Gerstenberg, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Andy Bessetic, 233-16.


Favorites: Ferenc Paragi, Hungary; Pentti Sinersaari, Finland; Arto Harkonen, Finland; Deflef Michel, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Bob Roggy, 293-0.


Favorites: Daley Thompson, Great Britain. Top U.S. Performer: John Crist.


Favorite: Waldemar Clerpinski, East Germany; Leonid Moiseyev, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Tony Snaooval, 2:10.19

20-Kilometer Walk

Favorites: Daniel Bautista, Mexico; Anatoli Solomin, U.S.S.R.; Nikolay Vinnichencko, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Jim Heiring, 1:27.12.

50-Kilometer Walk

Favorites: Raul Gonzales, Mexico; Vladimir Rezayer, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Carl Schueler, 3:59.54.

110-Meter Hurdles

Favorites: Alejandro Casanas, Cuba. Top U.S. Performer: Renaldo Nehemiah, 13.00.

400-Meter Hurdles

Favorites: Vasili Arkhipyenko, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Edwin Moses, 47.90.

400-Meter Relay

Favorite: East Germany.

1,600-Meter Relay

Favorite: U.S.S.R.

High Jump

Favorites: Jacek Wasola, Poland; Rolf Bielschmidt, East Germany.

No even distribution here. The East Germans should win nine of the 14 events with three more golds going to the Soviets.

Americans Mary Decker (1,500 meters), Evelyn Ashford (sprints) and Jodi Anderson (long jump) would have done well.

Women 100 Meters

Favorites: Marlies Gohr, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Alice Brown, 11:32.

200 Meters

Favorites: Marita Koch, East Germany; Marlies Gohr, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Chandra Cheeseborough, 22.70.

400 Meters

Favorites: Marita Koch, East Germany; Maria Kulchunova, U.S.S.R.; Nina Zyuskova, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Sherrie Howard, 51.48.

800 Meters

Favorites: Nadyezhda Olizaryendo, U.S.S.R.; Anita Weiss, East Germany; Olga Vakrusheva, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Madeline Manning, 1:56.38.

1,500 Meters

Favorites: Tatyana Kazankina, U.S.S.R.; Natalia Maracescu, Romania; Giana Romanova, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Stephanie Hightower, 12.90.

400 Meter Relay

Favorite: East Germany.

1,600 Meter Relay

Favorite: East Germany.

High Jump

Favorites: Sara Simeoni, Italy; Rosemarie Ackermann, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Louise Ritter, 6-1 1/4.

Long Jump

Favorites: Sigrid Heimann, East Germany, Anita Stukane, U.S.S.R.; Angela Voigt, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Jodi Anderson, 22-11 1/2.

Shot Put

Favorites: Lona Slupianek, East Germany; Helena Fibinkerova, Czechoslovakia; Margitta Pule, East Germany.


Favorites: Evelin Jahl, East Germany; Faina Veleva, U.S.S.R.; Margitta Pule, U.S.S.R.Top U.S. Performer: Lorna Griffin, 197-6.


Favorites: Ruth Fuchs, East Germany; Ute Hommola, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: Karin Smith, 208-5.


Favorites: Nadezhda Tkachenko, U.S.S.R.; Yekatarina Smirnova, U.S.S.R.


The U.S. women's team, after two years of laborious practice in Colorado Springs, was almost certain to take the silver. The Americans took the announcement of the boycott as hard as any U.S. team.

With Japan and China not competing, defending world champion Cuba should edge the Soviet women for the gold, with the bronze competition wide open.

The American men were not in a class with the Soviets, Poland and Cuba.


Favorites: U.S.S.R., Pland, Cuba.


Favorites: Cuba, U.S.S.R.

Water Polo

Flipping a coin might be the best way to pick the gold medalist between Yugoslavia and Hungary. "The officiating will probably make the only diference between those two," said a U.S. federation official. "The Yugoslav team is quite innovative, constantly evolving new strategy. Hungary is a more conservative team, hardly ever changing styles but with the best talent."

Italy and the Soviet Union will duel for the bronze medal that would have belonged to the Americans.

Favorites: Yugoslavia, Hungary, U.S.S.R., Italy. U.S. Team: Steve Hamann, Chris Dorst, Gary Figueroa, Kevin Robertson, Pete Schnugg, Eric Lindroth, Joe Vargas, Jon Scendsen, John Siman, Drew McDonald, Perry Schroeder.


The U.S. hasn't won a gold medal in any of the eight weight classes since 1960 and would not have been a factor in 1980. "We don't have any top-caliber competitors except for Mark Cameron (formerly of College Park, Md.) and the best we could have hoped for him would be fourth or fifth," said an American weightlifting federation spokesman.

Bulgaria and the Soviet Union should duel for the gold. Bulgaria recently won the junior world competition but the Russians are the defending world champs. The Soviet federation has not yet announced whether or not '76 gold medalist Vassili Alexeev will compete in the superheavyweight class. It's rumored the Soviet officials are conducting a personal camp for the long-idled Alexeev to determine if he's in top condition.


Favorites: Sultan Rachmanov, U.S.S.R. Top Performers: Tom Stock, Jerome Hannan.

Second Heavyweights

Favorites: Vasily Moseheikov, U.S.S.R. Rop U.S. Performers: Mark Cameron, Robert Giordano.

First Heavyweights

Favorites: David Rigert, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performers: Brian Derwin, Guy Carlton.

Middle Heavyweights

Favorites: David Rigert, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performers: James Curry Jr., Joseph Pullee.

Light Heavyweights

Favorites: Valery Shary, Yurik Vardanin U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performers: Mike Karchut, Mike Cohen.


Favorites: Asen Zlatev, Bulgaria. Top U.S. Performer: No one qualified.


Favorites: Yanko Rusev, Bulgaria; Yakim Kunz, East Germany. Top U.S. Performer: No one qualified.


Favorites: Nikolai Kolesnikov, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: No one qualified.


The Soviets should win eight golds, one silver in the freestyle. Without the Japanese and West Germans in the Greco-Roman events, the Soviets could be just as awesome in that competition. Greg Wojciechowski of Toledo and Russ Hellickson of Oregon, Wis., would have made matches very tough for the U.S.S.R. Ben Peterson would have been a safe bet for ta silver and, with a little luck, could have won a gold.

The Soviets are strong, but not invincible. Only one of their 1976 champions, Vladimir Yumin, will be defending his title, but that's in the lower weight classes at 125.5-136.5.

In Greco-Roman, where only upper-body contact is allowed, the Soviets' best hope is at 220 pounds with Nikolay Balboshin.

220 Pounds

Favorites: LLia Mate, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Russ Hellickson.

Super Heavyweight

Favorites: Salman Chasimikov, U.S.S.R.; Sosian Andiev, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Greg Woiciechowski.

Greco-Roman 105.5 Pounds

Favorites: Constantin Alexandru, Romania; Alexander Shumakov, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Mark Fuller.


Favorites: Kojos Racz, Hungary. Top U.S. Performer: Bruce Thompson.


Favorites: Hungary, Bulgaria. Top U.S. Performer: Brian Gust.


Favorites: Kazimier Lipien, Pland; Istvan Toth, Hungary. Top U.S. Performer: Dan Mello.


Favorites: Andrzej Lipien, Poland. Top U.S. Performer: Tom Minkel.

Freestyle 105 Pounds

Favorites: Sergei Kornelaev, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Bob Weaver.


Favorites: Anatoly Belogiazov, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Gene Millis.


Favorites: Vladimir Yumin, U.S.S.R.; Sergel Belogiazov, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer; John Azevedo.


Favorites: Vladimir Yumin, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Randy Lewis.


Favorites: Mokhall Charachura, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Chuck Yagla.


Favorites: Pavel Pinigan, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Lee Kemp.


Favorites: U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Chris Campbell.


Favorites: Khasan Octuev, U.S.S.R.; Levan Tadiashvilliy, U.S.S.R.


Favorites: Ferenc Kocsis, Hungary. Top U.S. Performer: John Matthews.


Favorites: Anatoly Narazenko, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Dan Chandler.


Favorites: Frank Anderson, Sweden, Top U.S. Performer: Mark Johnson.


Favorites: Nikolay Balboshin, U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Brad Rheingans.

Super Heavyweight

Favorites: Alexander Kolchinsky, U.S.S.R.; Alexander Tomov, Bularia. Top U.S. Performer; Jeff Blatnick.


This capitalist sport will be hurt greatly by the boycott. The U.S. and Canada have been two of the strongest yachting nations and the Americans hoped to win medals in five of the six classes.

Californian Robbie Haines was a sure bet for the Soling gold, as was Steve Benjamin in the 470. Only in the Flying Dutchman competition were the Americans weak. Spain, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Holland and Sweden would have given the U.S. fits and now each should win several medals.


Favorites: Brazil, Sweden. Top U.S. Performer: Robbie Haines.


Favorites: U.S.S.R., Italy. Top U.S. Performer: Bill Buchan.

Flying Dutchman

Favorites: M. Vollabrant, Holland; U.S.S.R. Top U.S. Performer: Michael Loeb.$470

Favorites: Spain, Brazil. Top U.S. Performer: Steve Benjamin.


Favorites: Kent Karlson, Sweden; Doreste, Spain; Top U.S. Performer: John Bertrand.


Favorites: U.S.S.R., Holland. Top U.S. Performer: Henry Bosset.