Remember the name: Ken Dancy.

Not many people in the Washington area had heard of him until the Bullets picked him in the sixth round of June's NBA draft.

When the Urban Coalition summer league basketball tournament opened, few people recognized his name.

But after his two positively brilliant performances this weekend, in front of jam-packed houses at Dunbar High, Bullet watchers think that the former Chicago State forward may prove to be worth more than the price of plane fare to Chicago.

Dancy and Wes Matthews, the firstround Bullet draft pick, led a 171-109 onslaught yesterday over a team called the Jets, which featured Howard University center-forward James Ratiff. Dancy poured in 33 points, despite suffering with flu, while Mathews scored 24 points and had a dozen assists. Dancy hit 21 points in the Bullets' Saturday win over the Anheuser-Busch team.

Many NBA scouts and coaches consider Dancy, 6 feet 6, to be a awkward size -- too small for a forward and not agile enough for a guard.

But Bullet superscout Bill Gardiner, the summer league coach, dismissed that theory, saying:

"Ken can jump as well as anybody, which makes up for the inches in height. He plays very well inside. I think he can play forward. He's not too small. After all, how big is Bobby Dandridge?"

Dancy did resemble Dandridge on several plays in the second quarter when the Bullets pulled away from the Jets. He hit six straight field goals: an 18-footer from the right corner, a reverse-tip slam dunk off a missed shot, a three-point jump shot from almost out of bounds, a rolling left-hand hook, a right-hand hook while driving through the lane, and a one-hand stuff.

"Ken can play small forward or big guard," Bob Ferry, the Bullet general manager, said. "He handles the ball quite well and works awfully hard. He's good."

What does Dancy have to say about all this?

"I have to work on my ball-handling and defense, but I feel comfortable at either guard or small forward. Right now I'm just tryng to shake the flu and get my stamina and weight back for training camp. You've got to be at your best when you're looking for a job."