The Washington Diplomats will attempt tonight to do what has been virtually impossible for them all season: win a game away from home. The opponents are the Memphis Roogues and game time is 8:30 (WWDC-1260).

The Dips have been an impressive team at RFK Stadium, winning seven of 10 games there, including a 3-2 victory Wednesday over the league's best team, the Seattle Sounders.

On the road, however, they have been virtually helpless, winning two of 12. Tonight, they face a team that includes three former Dips, striker Paul Cannell, defender Jim Steele and goalkeeper Bob Stetler.

All three are possible starters. Steele, who has been on the comeback from offseason knee surgery, is the only question mark. All three were for all practical purposed, exiled from Washington because of their off-field antics and they would enjoy pinning another loss on the Dips.

Cannell and Stetler, proving that one can get in trouble just as easily in Memphis as in Washington, recently were arrested at a rock concert. Although the charges were dismissed, Stetler was fined $2,500 and Cannell $1,500 by the Rogues.

Like the Dips (9-13), the Rogues (10-12) are fighting for a playoff spot. They play hard-nosed soccer and, with Cannell and Steele on the field, the game promises to be rough.

"A war," Washington Coach Gordon Badley said. "It will be a war."