For the first time, the Redskin Fan and Press Guide contains an autobiography of Jack Kent Cooke, a reflection of the team's new administrative setup resulting from Edward Bennett William's ownership of the Orioles.

Williams, who had been running the Redskins under the title of president, is still listed with that title.

But Cooke, who previously had been vice president and a board member -- along with being the principal stockholder -- has two new titles: chairman of the board and chief operating officer.

The latter label is the most important, at least to NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, who forced the change of day-to-day operations from Williams to Cooke. But sources say Williams still is very much involved in the team. t

Cooke's autobiography discusses, among other things (under the heading, "A mirror Brightly"): playing sax and clarinet in orchestras alongside the talented Percy Faith and Murray McEachren; his first car, a 1930 Ford Roadster, black with red wire wheels, and the Super Bowl for the Redskins in 1980.

The autobiography lists Cooke's favorite sports owner as Edward Bennett Williams. Among his favorite coaches is Jack Pardee. And he lists as one of his down moments (under "A Mirror Darkly"): retiring from work in 1961-62, which he called "a disastrous decision."

Buddy Hardeman, who will compete with Clarence Harmon for the starting running back position, was ill today and did not participate in the timing drills.

While he was on the sidelines free agent fullback Kenny Harrison ripped off a camp-best 4:46 in the 40. Others were right behind: cornerback Gary McNeal and receivers Art Monk and Lawrence McCullough, all at 4:49; linebacker Monte Coleman at 4:51 and cornerback Marcene Emmett at 4:55.

Defensive lineman Angelo Wells, who almost made the squad last year before playing in Canada, called up and told the Redskins Friday that he would not be in this, his fifth pro camp. "He just didn't see the percentages of coming," Doc Urich, defensive coordinator, said . . . Linebacker Rich Milot pulled a thigh muscle slightly but worked out.