Dallas Hickman, who has been searching for a permanent position since joining the Redskins four years ago, is back on the shuttle bus again this training camp.

Last year, Hickman was moved from defensive end to linebacker and it appeared he had found a home there.

But now he's back at defensive end again, a result of supply and demand and what might be called hickman's Law of Survival.

"They talked to me about it and I realized that with all the good young linebackers we have, I might not get that much playing time there," Hickman said. "At defensive end, I have a chance to play more.

"I consider myself a team player and I wasn't about to fight the chance. I want to get in but I also want to do what's best for the club."

At end, Hickman will be completing against returning starter Karl Lorch and probably the Redskins' No. 2 draft choice, Mat Mendenhall, among others.

Also, Hickman still can fall back on his special teams work, but he feels the fact "I'm bigger and stronger than I was two years ago should help me at end. I know I'll be fighting for time."