Perhaps it is a manifestation of the paternalistic nature of the socialist state, but Soviets love to give detailed instructions. In all of the elevators in the Olympic Press Center here, for example, there is a set of 10 directions, in Russian and English.

This is for operating an elevator, remember:

1. To summon a lift, push the UP or DOWN button. This botton must stay sunk.

2. Doors open automatically.

3. Before entering the lift, make sure it goes in your direction.

4. Once in the cabin, push the button for the floor required. Passengers may push as many buttons as necessary.

5. To close the doors and to start the lift, push the button.

6. On its way up or down, the lift may stop at other floors in response to summons.

7. To open the doors in an emergency, or when the lift does not move, although the doors are closed, push the "emergency" button.

8. The lift can carry a specific number of passengers. If the sign "overloaded" is on, extra passengers should leave the cabin.

9. To stop the lift in an emergency, push the "stop" button.

10. If the lift gets stuck between floors, push the button for the first or sixth floors and the "start" button. If after this the cabin remains motionless, call on a mechanic.

Proposed Rule No. 11: For heavens sake, don't blow it. Big Brother is watching.