Susan Rapp of Alexandria, Va., landed her second spot on the U.S. Olympic swimming team tonight by coming from fifth place with 50 meters to go to finsih third in the 200-meter breaststroke. f

Tracy Caulkins and Terri Baxter tied for first at 2:24.66.

As a comparison, the winning time for this event at the Moscow Olympics was 2.29:34 by Lina Kachushite of the Soviet Union.

Rapp, 15, covered the four lengths of the Heritage Park Pool in 2:35.08. And if the pool had been another five meters longer she certianly would have won.

Her coach, Holger Dietze of Starlit Aquatic Club, said, "She swam the race exactly as we planned it -- out in a 1:15 and back in 1:19."

Caulkins led at the 100-meter turn in 1:13.61 with Baxter a half second behind and Rapp a distant fifth at 1:15.63. Then Rapp, who usually makes her move on the second half of any race, began surging with each stroke. The sophomore-to-be at Edison High School chopped Caulkin's 2.28 second lead to a .42 seconds by covering the final 50 meters in 39.22 compared with Caulkins' 41.08.

Rapp clenched a spot on the Olympic team earlier by finishing third in the 100-meter breaststroke behind Caulkins and Baxter.

Caulkins now has won three events, and still has two days of competition remaining.

Clay Britt, Rapp's Starlit teammate, touched first at the 50 turn in the 100-meter backstroke but his lead disappeared with 20 meters to go. He ended up fourth. Olympic 1976 silver medalist Peter Rocca won in 56.64, followed by Robert Jackson in 56.78, Rick Carey in 56.93 and Britt in 57.15.

In the women's 400-meter freestyle Kim Linehan of Longhorn Aquatics, Austin Tex., recorded the fastest time in the world this year, with Cynthia Woodhead right behind. Woodhead also beat the winning Moscow time of East Germany's Ines Diers of 4:08.76.

Linehan trailed Woodhead of Da Anza, Cupertino, Calif., until the last 20 meters before sprinting past the 100-meter champion to win in 4:07.77 to Woodhead's 4:08.17. Linehan, 17, turned in her fastest last 100 meters ever in 1:00.77, compared with Woodhead's 1:01.59.

This is Linehan's second win -- she won the 800-meter freestyle earlier -- and it would have been her second gold in Moscow.

John Henken landed berth on his third Olympic team by finishing third in the 200-meter breaststroke in 2:19.09. Glenn Mills, 18, of Cincinnati Marlins gunned down pacesetter John Moffet, 16, of Beach Swim Club, Long Beach Calif., on the last stroke to win.