Professional ice skater Jo Jo Starbuck has filed for divorce from Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw, saying their four-year marriage is irretriveably broken.

Bradshaw, who led the Steelers to four Super Bowl victories, including last January's 31-19 victory over Los Angeles, declined to discuss the divorce action at the team's training camp in Latrobe, Pa.

Bradshaw, who will be 32 next month, and his wife, 29, have ecandidly admitted their marriage faced challenges due to life in the limelight and separate careers.

In one instance, Bradshaw insisted his wife stay home in Pittsburgh rather than reopen "Ice Dancing." Only the threat of a breach-of-contract suit persuaded him to relent.

Starbuck, a native of Los Angeles, lived during the Steeler offseasons on their 480-acre cattle and horse ranch outside Bradshaw's hometown of Shreveport, La.

"I couldn't stand just having a career with no home life and no live life," she said in his book, "Terry Bradshaw: Man of Steel." "Terry wants me home -- period. But sometimes when I'm there, he seems to take me for granted. And after a few days at the ranch, I go out of my mind."

The divorce petition asks the court to determine the marital property and order a fair distribution. The couple has no children.